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  • Bailey Porras

News Alert! Biden’s Marijuana Pardon

You may have heard about President Joe Biden’s pardon for simple marijuana possession, but here is the lowdown in case you missed it.

Last week, President Joe Biden issued unconditional pardons to thousands of people who have been convicted of marijuana possession. Further, he said his administration will be reviewing whether or not marijuana should still be considered a schedule I drug federally.

Schedule I drugs are determined by the government to have no medicinal use and to be highly addictive. Two thirds of Americans currently support the legalization of marijuana, and there are hundreds of thousands of testimonials for marijuana’s medicinal benefits. Marijuana is still listed as a schedule I substance, along with heroin and LSD.

Simple Possession

Simple possession of marijuana means that a person has a small amount of marijuana in their possession with no intent to sell or distribute it. Simple possession cannot be connected with any other crime, like robbery.

The Pardons

Biden’s pardons will impact anyone convicted on federal charges of simple possession of marijuana since the 1970’s. The data says that about 6,500 people have been convicted on these charges since the 1990’s alone.

The pardon will also clear persons convicted for simple possession under the laws of the District of Columbia. Convictions for sale, distribution, conspiracy, or intent to distribute marijuana will not be pardoned.

State vs Federal Conviction

Although each state determines whether marijuana is legal medically or recreationally, all 50 states have federal property. People who have been arrested on federal property can face federal possession charges, regardless of their state’s marijuana legalization status.

How Many People Will Be Released From Prison?

Sadly, the answer is none. There are no people currently serving time in federal prison for marijuana possession alone. Most convictions for marijuana happen at the state level.

To supplement this, Biden has also urged governors to issue pardons in their states. However, most states have already legalized simple possession, and many of them do not prosecute those cases anymore.

Furthermore, simple possession very rarely results in a long jail sentence for those convicted.

People convicted of simple possession will not have the conviction expunged from their record either. A pardon only means that they are forgiven for their crime.

People convicted of simple possession may have lost their right to sit in on a jury, hold office, and vote, and the pardon may help people with a prior conviction by allowing them to gain back these rights.

When Will Marijuana Be Legalized in the United States?

Although Biden’s pardon is a huge step in the right direction for advocates across the country, it does not mean marijuana will be legalized in the U.S. This is a responsibility that would fall more directly on Congress.

The good news is that Biden called for a re-evaluation of marijuana as a schedule I substance, which is another huge step in the right direction and a sign of progress towards cannabis legalization.

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