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Ohio Makes Improvements to 90-Day Marijuana Purchase Limits Effective April 17, 2020

Updated: May 4, 2021

Ohio Medical Marijuana Purchasing Limits Revised

The state of Ohio Board of Pharmacy has announced adjustments to the 90-day purchase limit for medical marijuana that should come as good news to holders of an Ohio Marijuana Card.

The 90-day purchase limit has been a concern among patients as the system was confusing and made it difficult to calculate their supply. It also caused frustration as many patients found themselves running out of 'days' far in advance of their 90-day limit, which resulted in being unable to buy the medical marijuana they need when they need it.

While Ohio’s medical marijuana laws were derided as “dazed and confusing” even before legal sales began in the state in January of 2019, early questions mostly centered on how to enforce remaining restrictions and prohibitions once legal sales started.

Regardless, reports of Ohioans being unable to buy medical marijuana as needed are at least two years old. The Cincinnati Enquirer first discussed the issue in March 2019, just three years after Ohio legalized medical marijuana and only a little over a month after legal sales began.

New Regulation Focuses on Consumer Concerns

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported in March of 2020 that the Ohio Board of Pharmacy was considering regulatory revisions that were consumer-centered rather than prohibition-focused. The paper quoted the Board’s Executive Director at the time as saying that changes were being considered because “We don’t want the patients to worry about 'how many days I have left? how many days have I bought?’” and out of a desire to simplify dispensary requirements.

What’s in Ohio’s New Medical Marijuana 90-Day Supply Guidance?

Under Ohio’s new 90-Day Supply Guidance, dispensaries are now required to calculate a patient’s supply using the following guidelines:

  • A patient’s 90-day purchase limit will now be divided into two 45-day fill periods based upon the patient’s active and current recommendation. The first fill period includes days 1 through 45 of the recommendation and the second period includes days 46 through 90 of the recommendation. The first fill period will start when a patient receives a recommendation.

  • In each 45-day fill period, a patient may purchase up to a 45-day supply of medical marijuana, regardless of when purchases are made within the 45-day fill period. As an example, if a patient comes to a dispensary on Day 28 and has not purchased any medical marijuana during the fill period, that patient is able to purchase up to a 45-day supply of medical marijuana.

  • If a patient has purchased a 45-day supply within the fill period, the patient has to wait until the next 45-day fill period to purchase more medical marijuana from a dispensary. However, if a patient does not purchase any product within a 45-day fill period, the patient is only allowed to purchase a maximum of a 45-day supply during the next fill period.

New, Simpler Guidelines Take Effect April 17

The new process will take effect on April 17th. This resolution plans to provide a simpler and easier way for medical marijuana dispensaries, patients, and caregivers to calculate supply while making sure patients do not exceed the maximum 90-day purchase limit established in the Ohio law.

Now that the 90-day supply limit has been simplified, using medical marijuana to treat your condition is easier than ever! Give us a call at (866) 457-5559, or schedule an appointment online today, to start getting the natural relief you deserve tomorrow.


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