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Ohio Marijuana Card Guide to THC and CBD Dominant Medical Marijuana

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

THC VS. CBD dominant strains

One of the benefits of having access to medical marijuana in Ohio is being able to choose from a wide selection of different cannabis products. After visiting a dispensary, patients may feel overwhelmed at the amount of options they’re presented with.

Among the choices that cannabis consumers are faced with is whether they should choose CBD products instead of THC ones. CBD products have increased in popularity over the past few years in part due to the fact that they’re federally legal in most locations across the country. The ratification of the 2018 Farm Bill led to the removal of hemp as a federally banned substance, opening the door for the legal production of CBD and Delta-8 THC products.

THC on the other hand is still federally banned. The fact that THC is still a federally banned substance means cannabis consumers in Ohio without a medical marijuana card can still face hefty fines and potential imprisonment after being caught in possession of marijuana.

Even though THC is still banned throughout the majority of the country and CBD isn’t, THC still possesses medicinal qualities. Those qualities are likely different from the medicinal qualities present in CBD products, which is why patients benefit from developing an understanding of the benefits of both types of products.

How is THC Different from CBD?

THC and CBD are the most common cannabinoids present in cannabis products. Aside from their legal statuses, the biggest difference between the two cannabinoids is the way they’re produced.

While both cannabinoids are present in marijuana and hemp alike, more CBD is present in hemp in while THC is the dominant cannabinoid present in marijuana. Another major difference between the two is the fact that THC gives users a euphoric “high” that’s absent in CBD products. CBD on the other hand doesn’t change the state of mind of consumers which is why many patients have a preference for CBD products.

Instead of a high, many patients who use CBD report feelings of relaxation and calmness. An important fact about CBD to remember is that there are numerous variables that can impact the way CBD products make a person feel. For instance, some CBD products, many of which are derived from marijuana, have a low to moderate THC concentration infused.

Some examples of CBD products with THC infusions include Firelands Scientific CBD Rich Tinctures and Standard Wellness CBD Lunar Wave Subcritical Sugar extract which can be found at RISE dispensary Cleveland.

Who Should Use CBD Dominant Strains?

After getting an understanding of how CBD and THC differ as far as their physical effects go, the next step is determining which would be right for treating specific conditions. Along with helping to reduce anxiety, and generally producing feelings of tranquility or calm, CBD also possesses numerous medicinal qualities. CBD could help patients suffering from a number of conditions including chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease, and conditions related to nerve damage. Tinctures, vape cartridges, and topicals each are effective ways of using CBD to combat discomfort.

Ever since the passage of the 2018 farm bill, it’s become more commonplace to see CBD products for sale in places like vape shops or herbal supplement stores. Consumers should keep in mind that the best way to receive lab tested products that have been certified by a medical board for safe consumption is by obtaining an Ohio Medical Marijuana card.

This way patients can receive advice from certified medical professionals on whether or not CBD is an effective treatment method, along with insights on what CBD products could yield the best results. Buying CBD products from random retailers could easily leave consumers with feelings of buyer’s remorse.

Who Should Use THC Dominant Strains?

Even though THC products are associated more with recreational use than medicinal, THC products can help patients suffering from a number of conditions. Some of those conditions include insomnia, glaucoma, and lack of appetite.

Even though products like Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC are becoming widely available for purchase, there is no research that provides evidence that they possess the same medical qualities as Delta-9 THC products. Unlike CBD, the only way to legally purchase THC products to help overcome medical ailments is at a certified dispensary. Securing a medical marijuana card also provides patients with access to a wide variety of products that can lead to a drastic improvement of quality of life.

Some examples of the THC products medical marijuana patients in Ohio have access to include Ancient Roots Hybrid Platinum Kush Mints, Rhythm Indica Chitral Dream Full Spectrum Vape Cartridge, and Standard Wellness Sativa Crescendo Live Badder Extract which can be found at Rise Dispensaries.

As the list for qualifying conditions continues to expand and more dispensaries begin to open, the time to secure a medical marijuana card in Ohio has never been better. For anyone on the fence about pursuing a medical marijuana card, our live support is available to answer questions 6 days a week. To gain access to products that can help you lead a happier, pain free life, schedule an appointment with a certified medical marijuana physician today.


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