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Ohio Marijuana Card in the News

Amanda VanAllen of Channel 5 News in Cleveland stopped by our offices yesterday for an interview with Ohio Marijuana Card president, Connor Shore, and Randy Shaffer, medical marijuana patient and marketing manger (and writer of this blog, just FYI).

In the video, Shore expressed his passion for helping patients get a medical marijuana card in Ohio. "When a patient comes in," Shore said, "they bring in medical records, they should bring in medical records and the doctor will do a brief physical examination, discuss medical marijuana and how it could benefit them and then reviews their medical history and medical records."

Shaffer discussed the positive effect that medial marijuana has had treating his chronic pain from gouty arthritis. "Within 15 minutes [of using marijuana], I was literally doing jumping jacks in my kitchen I'm sitting there looking at my wife and I'm like, look at this, this is amazing!"

Read their full article here and check out the video below!

Also, here's a few behind-the-scenes photos from the interview:

Ohio Marijuana Card President, Connor Shore
Connor Shore, Ohio Marijuana Card President

Randy Shaffer, Patient and Marketing Manager at Ohio Marijuana Card
Randy Shaffer, Medical Marijuana Patient and Marketing Manager at Ohio Marijuana Card

As always, stay tuned for more updates, news and editorials!


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