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Ohio Marijuana Card To Launch Partner Affiliate Program

With Ohio marijuana cultivators growing, processors getting licensed and dispensaries opening soon, now is the time to discover how you can help spread the word about medical marijuana and Ohio Marijuana Card. That is why we are gearing up to offer a partner affiliate program for our customers, colleagues, celebrities and friends.

Own a massage therapy studio, hair salon, holistic store, head shop or coffee shop? You can recommend that your customers visit Ohio Marijuana Card and receive money for each successful referral. But the referral program isn't limited to just store owners, celebrities and medical practitioners. Ohio Marijuana Card fans can also sign up and refer their friends, family and loved ones. Signage and cards can be placed anywhere, from your local bar to concert halls, the gym, your yoga class or even church.

Once a partner has signed up, they will have access to a marketing toolkit with a specialized code attached to your name, so we can track how many referrals you get. As soon as your referrals obtain their medical marijuana card in Ohio, you'll get paid for referring them. The whole process will be simple and easy to use!

Click here to find out more about the program, and be sure to sign up for updates as we get closer to the program's launch. As always, stay tuned!


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