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Ohio Medical Marijuana Purchase Limit Under Review

Ohio medical marijuana purchase limits.
Medical marijuana purchase limit changes could be coming to Ohio.

A big concern with Ohio medical marijuana patients has been how much marijuana they are able to purchase in a 90-day period.

Fortunately, The Ohio Board of Pharmacy is now reviewing the policy after they have received over 50 comments from patients explaining how it can be difficult to purchase medicine when they need it and running out of product before the 90th day.

Ohio currently limits patients to buying 8 ounces (226 grams) of cannabis flower, or the equivalent amount of THC in products, in a 90 day period. When a patient makes a purchase at a dispensary, that purchase goes towards whatever 90-day fill period they are currently in. For example, when a patient purchases 2.83 grams of flower, this counts as a 1-day supply. Meaning this will subtract from that 90-day limit.

The board plans to take all comments into consideration and review all suggestions, one of which includes setting a daily purchase limit for patients.

Ohio Board of Pharmacy spokesman, Cameron McNamee, stated that they will also possibly consider ways for patients to qualify for 'indigent status' that could grant them discounts at licensed dispensaries to help make medical marijuana treatment more affordable.

McNamee anticipates the changed update policies in the medical marijuana program to take place in April or May. The state is also expecting updates to be made to the website where patients can check how much medical marijuana they have purchased and fix any errors that many patients have reportedly experienced.


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