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  • Ashley Slimak

Petition for Ohio Recreational Marijuana on the Ballot is Rejected

Ohio Marijuana Recreational Legalization
Ohio's latest proposal for recreational marijuana on the ballot has been rejected.

Last week, the Ohio Attorney General, Dave Yost, received the latest petition proposing the legalization of recreational marijuana on the ballot, which has been rejected.

Yost stated that the petition was rejected because the number of valid signatures did not meet the minimum requirement. The submitted petition contained 1,248 signatures, however, only 271 of them were valid. In order for action to be taken, a minimum of 1,000 valid signatures is required.

The amendment proposed that Ohio residents 21 years or older would have been allowed to use and possess marijuana recreationally. The proposal also stated that businesses could apply for licenses that would allow them to sell marijuana.

Ohio law currently only allows marijuana for medical use. Patients who obtain their medical marijuana card have access to licensed Ohio dispensaries to purchase products. Having a valid marijuana card also allows patients to be able to legally use, possess and transport marijuana in the state of Ohio.

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If you are a qualifying patient who is seeking medical marijuana treatment, schedule a telemedicine evaluation and gain access to Ohio dispensaries.

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