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Product Recall in Ohio's Medical Marijuana Program

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Ohio Medical Marijuana Product Recall
OMMCP Announces Product Recall

It was announced over the weekend that the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program is issuing a mandatory product recall concerning product development using a non-compliant process.

Flower Rosin processed by One Orijin
1:1 CBD/THC Flower Rosin processed by One Orijin

While there have been no adverse reactions for the products reported to the OMMCP, and the products did pass laboratory testing, the recall applies to One Orijin's flower rosin in three different strains that have been purchased at any time: Pineapple Express, Blue Boi Z7, Afghani #1.

Product ID of recalled products:

M00000038808: Sol Vap 62.3 - 12.6 - 5 M00000039812: Sol Vap 59.8 - 0.025 - 5 M00000036317: Sol Vap 45.85 - 47.44 - 10 M00000036932: Sol Vap 48.79 - 50.59 - 10 M00000037232: Sol Vap 68.8 - 0.18 - 5 M00000038319: Sol Vap 40.7 - 46.8 - 10

Why Was the Recall Announced?

There are many reasons that a medical cannabis product in Ohio's medical marijuana program may be recalled, including a product that has failed testing, a product that has been mislabeled, and products that have been made in a manner that is non-compliant with the rules of the program.

In this case, One Orijin received cannabis flower material that had failed microbial testing from a separate Ohio cultivator that was then processed into cannabis concentrates. While One Orijin holds an active processing license in Ohio, they do not have a cultivation license and therefore are reliant on cultivators in Ohio's program to send cannabis material to One Orijin's facility for processing.

Although the cannabis material that One Orijin received had failed lab testing, the process of extracting cannabis concentrates using hydrocarbon solvents such as butane, propane, or CO2 allows for processed products to be extracted from failed cannabis material as long as it is processed using hydrocarbon solvents; due to the process of extracting cannabis utilizing hydrocarbon solvents, cannabinoids and terpenes are separated from the other compounds found in the material that may have caused a failed test.

So, if it doesn't matter if the cannabis material being processed had failed lab testing, why were these products recalled?

This is due to the fact that, rather than using hydrocarbon-based extraction, One Orijin opted to process the failed material into a solventless form of concentrated wax, Flower Rosin. In the case of extracting rosin there are no hydrocarbons utilized in the extraction process as the process of extracting rosin simply requires heat and pressure. While solventless concentrated waxes such as rosin are a cleaner and more potent product compared to hydrocarbon extracted waxes, due to the failure of the cannabis material being used and One Orijin using solventless rather than solvent-based extraction, the product was recalled due non-compliance with Ohio's rules and regulations.

As a result of the recall, dispensaries are asking all patients that have purchased One Orijin's Afghani #1, Blue Boi, and 1:1 rosin to return the products for a full refund. The State is advising patients to stop using the product.

Overall, while this is clearly not positive news, it is yet another example of the incredibly high level of compliance required in Ohio's program, and the level of oversight - this recall was called in response to the analysis of seed-to-sale data prior to a complaint being filed with the OMMCP. This means that any products that you find at an Ohio dispensary have not only passed lab testing, but have also been meticulously tracked and further investigated to ensure quality.


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