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Rick Simpson Oil and The Story Behind It

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Whether you are a medical marijuana patient in Ohio, or just a cannabis activist, odds are that you have heard the term “RSO'' at some point. So what exactly is “RSO”? RSO is an acronym that stands for Rick Simpson Oil, which is an extremely concentrated cannabis product that is used to treat several medical conditions, including cancer.

Rick Simpson, a former hospital engineer, never planned on creating a medical marijuana product. However, while working as a hospital engineer, Rick suffered from a significant injury. After Rick's accident, he continued to experience ringing in his ears along with dizzy spells for several years. Rick quickly became interested in the medicinal benefits of marijuana and asked his physician for their opinion on it, and if it would help to treat his symptoms. His physician declined to consider marijuana as a form of treatment which ultimately led Rick to experimenting with cannabis on his own, despite the feedback he received from his physician.

Rick watched several documentaries about cannabis and the positive effects it had on countless medical conditions and decided to try it for himself. Over time he noticed a major improvement in his health. In 2003, he discovered small bumps on his arm which led to his diagnosis of skin cancer. He used cannabis in the past to treat other symptoms, but now he was interested in using it to treat his skin cancer after he found a study that stated THC was found to kill cancer cells in mice. He treated his skin cancer by applying cannabis oil in a topical form and covering for several days before taking it off. After 4 days, he noticed that the bumps on his arm were gone. Despite the discovery, his doctor refused to recognize that the cannabis was responsible for treating and removing the cancerous growths on his arm, which ultimately led to Rick facing threats of prosecution and arrest in Canada. From this point, Rick made it his mission to advocate and speak out regarding the benefits of medical cannabis and how it helped his condition. He wanted to make sure that others weren’t denied access to this incredible treatment option because of a lack of understanding by some in the medical community.

There are several different ways to consume RSO, but it is recommended that you consult with your doctor, pharmacist, or budtender to see what will work best for your medical condition. Rick came up with a 12 week regimen that was designed to help patients get the maximum benefits from using the oil. Overall, it was suggested that patients consume an amount as small as a half a grain of rice up to 3x a day for the first week. From weeks 2-5 its suggested that the patient gradually increase the dosage by doubling the amount of oil consumed every four days. From weeks 5-12 the goal is to consume up to 1 gram of RSO daily until reaching a full 60 grams. This is just one method that has been suggested on how to reap the benefits of Rick Simpson Oil, as we still recommend discussing your treatment plan with your physician as well as budtender so that you can best achieve your individual treatment goals.

Did you know that RSO can be purchased from dispensaries right here in Ohio? Originally discovered in Canada, RSO has made its way to Ohio after many have studied and taken an interest in the medicinal breakthrough of the magic cannabis oil. Make sure to ask how you can benefit from RSO the next time you visit the dispensary!

Before you can visit a dispensary, you’ll need an Ohio Marijuana Card. Give us a call at 866-457-5559 to learn more about the approval process so that you can access dispensaries across the state!

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