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Study Shows Patients Who Use Medical Marijuana are Healthier and Happier Than Those Who Don't

A new study was conducted with 1,276 patients registered with Realm of Caring, a nonprofit organization that funds and conducts research about cannabis and its effects and benefits. The study followed 808 cannabis users, most of whom were using hemp products, and 468 individuals who were not yet consuming any cannabis products.

Between April 2016 and February 2018, the participants were routinely surveyed about their mental and physical health, use of any prescription or over-the-counter drugs, or whether the individual had been admitted to the hospital. By every measure, the participants who used cannabis were mentally and physically healthier than non-cannabis users.

Ryan Vandrey, an associate professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine oversaw the study. He stated the most significant medical benefits were achieved by the non-cannabis users who began using cannabis during the course of the study. These individuals reported feeling better overall and saw an improvement in their health.

Participants in the study suffered from medical conditions categorized into three groups: chronic pain (such as fibromyalgia and back pain), neurological diseases (including multiple sclerosis and epilepsy), and psychiatric conditions (PTSD and anxiety). More than half of the participants stated that CBD was the primary chemical component found in the products they consumed.

Cannabis users in the study reported experiencing a better qualify of life as they were more relaxed, achieved better sleep, and endured less pain, anxiety, and depression. They also used fewer prescription medications and were less likely to have been admitted to the hospital.

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