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  • Ashley Slimak

6 Common Cannabis Myths

Common Marijuana Myths

There are a lot of misconceptions about cannabis. We will break down six of the most common marijuana myths to help you better understand how to use medical marijuana.

Myth #1: All Cannabis Gets You “High”

Cannabis has the potential to alter a user’s mental state. This effect is known as being “high.” For some, this might mean becoming sleepy. For others, it might be a new way of perceiving the world, with enhanced tactile sensations or a sense or euphoria.

But just because cannabis can result in a high does not mean that it always does so. Every strain of cannabis has a unique chemical makeup that will impact whether or not you feel high.

THC is the compound in marijuana that causes an altered mental state. While most medical marijuana products are high in THC, not all are—some strains contain very little THC. These strains tend to be higher in CBD, another compound in cannabis that is thought to offer potential therapeutic effects.

When you use a cannabis product that is high in CBD and low in THC, you may not notice any psychoactive effect. Meaning, you can use cannabis and not get high. It just depends on what strain or product you’re using.

Myth #2: Cannabis Is a Gateway Drug

In school, most youngsters are taught that marijuana is a gateway drug. Essentially meaning that once you try cannabis, you are destined to try other, harder drugs. While this pathway undoubtedly occurs, the reality is that a large percentage of people who try marijuana will not try or become addicted to dangerous drugs.

Myth #3: Cannabis Makes You Lazy

We’ve all witnessed the stereotypical high, whether via stories, in person, or through the media. Someone takes a hit and suddenly is glued to the couch with no aspirations. Yes, some marijuana will make you tired. But other strains are uplifting, and when the right dose is taken, can be used without a loss of drive and energy. It is all about finding the right product and the proper dosage for your needs.

Myth #4: You Need to Hold in a Hit

When you take a hit of marijuana, do you hold it in? For many consumers, the answer is yes. But research suggests that holding in marijuana smoke does not make you more intoxicated. Unfortunately, it could increase the risk of harm from certain chemicals found in smoke. When you smoke cannabis, all you need to do is fully inhale and slowly exhale.

Myth #5: You Cannot Be Addicted to Marijuana

Cannabis-lovers often tout that marijuana is one of the few substances that isn’t addictive. While a cannabis addiction isn’t common, it can happen.

When you consume marijuana, it influences your brain. Over time, some people will develop the characteristics of drug addiction:

  • Compulsive drug intake

  • Trouble limiting intake

  • Negative emotional states or life outcomes tied to use

On top of this, many people find it challenging to give up cannabis, experiencing mood swings, trouble sleeping, or an intense desire to consume marijuana when they attempt to quit. Intermittent breaks may help reduce the risk for addiction. And if you worry that you’re struggling with a cannabis addiction, ask your doctor for help.

Myth #6: Cannabis Cures Insomnia

Many consumers use cannabis to help them fall asleep. But there has been little research to identify how long-term marijuana use impacts sleep. From research thus far, there is evidence that long-term use could actually make insomnia worse. (Although there has been research that supports a short-term sleep benefit for those with certain medical conditions).

At this point in time, we do not fully understand how marijuana impacts sleep. If you find that you struggle to get good sleep with cannabis, talk to your doctor to see what might help.

As cannabis gains increased legality across the United States, consumers are scientists alike are learning more about this therapeutic plant. But it can take time for assumptions shared throughout a community or country to slowly break down and be replaced by up-to-date scientific understandings. Now that you know more about cannabis, you can more safely and effectively use medical marijuana to achieve your wellness goals.

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