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  • Jordan T. Smith

Tips For Ohio Medical Marijuana Patients Treating ALS

Dealing with a diagnosis for ALS can be traumatic for numerous reasons. Even so, people living with the condition can find relief from its symptoms with medical marijuana. There are numerous ways cannabis can help people living with ALS get enough relief to go about living a normal life. The potential medical marijuana has to help people with ALS live the lives they deserve is immense. Here are some tips regarding treating ALS with medical marijuana.

Use Medical Marijuana Topicals for Immediate Relief From Muscle Discomfort

There are a variety of reasons why medical marijuana topicals could be appealing to people living with ALS. Medical marijuana topicals are capable of providing centralized relief to problem areas in an effective, discreet manner. When medical marijuana topicals are applied to the skin, they enter the bloodstream directly and bind themselves to different cannabinoid receptors within the endocannabinoid system. Along with providing direct relief to problem areas, medical marijuana topicals provide prolonged relief, too. The effects of medical marijuana topicals last anywhere from four to eight hours.

Medical marijuana topicals come in a variety of forms. They include creams, balms, lotions, and patches. Medical marijuana patients have the benefit of choosing from CBD and THC topicals as well. The most important thing to remember when it comes to medical marijuana topicals is that the area where they’re being applied should be clear prior to applying them.

Use Edibles or Tinctures to Avoid Inhalation

A common concern that lots of people considering medical marijuana have is that the inhalation of cannabis will cause their lung or heart health to decline. Even though this is a valid concern, people considering medical marijuana should realize they aren’t restricted to vaping cannabis. There are a variety of tinctures and edibles that can be consumed, capable of providing relief from a variety of symptoms associated with ALS.

The edible options available to medical marijuana patients in Ohio include cookies, gummies, and chocolate bars. Medical marijuana tinctures are a bit different from edibles, and to reap the full benefits of medical marijuana tinctures, it’s best that they’re consumed sublingually underneath the tongue. Medical marijuana tinctures come in a variety of flavors, too. For access to the wide variety of tested and approved medical marijuana edibles and tinctures to treat ALS symptoms, a medical marijuana card is required.

Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card to Legally Obtain Cannabis in Ohio

Receiving an ALS diagnosis doesn’t mean living with constant pain and discomfort is inevitable because of the relief medical marijuana can provide. Since medical marijuana is available to Ohioans, people that receive an ALS diagnosis should book an appointment with a medical marijuana physician capable of getting you approved for a medical marijuana card. Along with a medical marijuana card, the physician can also be instrumental in helping to provide a roadmap for properly using cannabis to treat ALS symptoms. This could make completing everyday tasks easier than you could have ever imagined!


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