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  • Olivia Castro

What Could Recreational Marijuana Mean for Ohio?

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

There have been a lot going on in the Ohio marijuana industry these past couple of months. There was a recreational marijuana bill on the table which the Ohio attorney general just recently rejected.

Although this proposal was rejected, recreational marijuana is at the top of everyone’s minds in Ohio. But Ohioans still have a lot of questions. What is recreational marijuana anyways? How can it be legalized in Ohio? What could this mean for Ohio?

These are all great questions which we will get into on today’s blog.

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What is Recreational Marijuana?

Recreational marijuana is a hot topic that has been buzzing around lately, especially in view of the rejected recreational marijuana proposal. But what is recreational marijuana?

Recreational marijuana is oftentimes called “adult use” marijuana. This is because the idea around making marijuana legal not just goes beyond medical use but beyond recreational use.

The term recreational makes it seem like marijuana will be just used for fun. While it definitely can be, this is not at all the root of why marijuana is moving recreational state by state.

In the industry, we call it “adult use” marijuana because it is meant for adults to use and moderate responsibly, just like alcohol. It also would only be legalized for adults to use. With the latest proposal, in order to buy marijuana, a person must be 21 years of age or older, just like with alcohol.

What Does Recreational Marijuana Mean for Ohio?

Recreational, or adult use, marijuana can have some major effects on Ohio and the citizens that live here.

For one, most recreational marijuana proposals include a criminal justice reform aspect. After decades of witnessing the harsh, devastating aftermath of the war on drugs, recreational marijuana proposals aim to fix this. These proposals oftentimes not only legalize marijuana in the state but also decriminalize it as well. Proposals can even go further by expunging the records of non-violent offenders who were incarcerated by the very thing that is now legal today.

Second, if Ohio makes recreational marijuana legal, we are making a stand. This should not be overlooked.

Although Ohio has a medical marijuana program, there is still stigma that exists in the state and in the surrounding areas of those that use marijuana. Many are not open with their family and friends about their marijuana use, even if it is for medical purposes. With a recreational marijuana program, Ohio can become a leader in the marijuana industry and help end the stigma.

Next, the Ohio economy can benefit from legalizing recreational marijuana. This is because most recreational marijuana proposals add a tax on the sales of marijuana.

The recent proposal in Ohio would have exercised a 10% tax on the purchase of all marijuana products. The money collected from this would go directly back into the state. Typically the funds go to city transportation, building bridges and road maintenance and well as education. The Ohio proposal had their funds being allocated to addiction treatment centers.


Even though recreational marijuana seems like it could be far away for Ohio, there are many benefits that could come along with making marijuana legal in the state.

For now, you can count on Ohio Marijuana Card to be here for you and your medical marijuana needs. Give us a call (866) 457-5559 or book an appointment today!

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