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What Happens When You Combine Cannabis and Coffee?

Mixing Cannabis and Coffee Caffine

For some patients, mixing coffee and cannabis is the only way to wake up in the morning. So what really happens when you mix THC and caffeine together? We're going to tell you exactly what happens during your wake and bake.

Most agree that drinking coffee is one of the only ways we can think about getting out of bed in the morning. Caffeine is known for reducing drowsiness and improving our reaction time, while THC does a variety of things.

Everyone reacts to things differently as our bodies are not the same. Generally, coffee energizes you, while some cannabis tends to relax you. So what exactly happens when you combine the two?

Did you know that when using small amounts of coffee with your cannabis it can prolong your "high"? Studies reveal that when combining cannabis with a very small amount of caffeine, it can prolong the effects of cannabis. This means that one can achieve the same results, all while using less cannabis.

Cannabis and coffee also have something else in common, as they are both "euphoric".

Both cannabis and caffeine increase our levels of dopamine in the body. Dopamine is known as the happiness hormone. When combining the two, the effects magnify giving users an uplifting and euphoric boost.

Next time you are looking to enhance your morning routine and get an extra boost of energy, try combining your morning cup of coffee with your favorite strain of marijuana. Not sure which cannabis strain to use? Take a look at some of the recommended strains to wake up with here!

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