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  • Jordan T. Smith

What to Keep in Mind When Trying Medical Marijuana Concentrates for the First Time

Medical marijuana concentrates have the potential to provide enormous levels of relief to people dealing with continued discomfort. Even though that’s the case, people may be wary of trying them for a variety of reasons. Maybe you aren’t familiar with the effects of medical marijuana concentrates or perhaps you’re confused about the different ways they can be consumed. Medical marijuana concentrates could provide patients with unprecedented therapeutic relief, but it’s essential for patients to first know where to start. Some insights to keep in mind when it comes to trying medical marijuana concentrates for the first time include:

Medical Marijuana Concentrates Are Typically Stronger Than Flower

One of the most important things for medical marijuana patients to keep in mind when it comes to concentrates is that they’re much more potent than flower. In fact, the THC dosage in medical marijuana concentrates is twice as high as it is in flower. While the max limit of THC per dose is 35% in flower, that number is 70% for concentrates. Medical marijuana concentrates can be found in both THC dominant and CBD dominant forms, too.

Since medical marijuana concentrates are higher in potency, it’s important for patients using concentrates for the first time to go low and slow. Doing so will help avoid negative side-effects that come with ingesting too much THC. Additionally, it helps determine how much it takes to provide the exact amount of relief desired.

Medical Marijuana Concentrates Should Provide Instant Relief for Most Symptoms

There are numerous ways patients in Ohio’s medical marijuana program benefit from having access to medical marijuana concentrates. One of the biggest is the fact that it provides near instant relief from most of the conditions patients deal with. Consuming medical marijuana concentrates can also lead to prolonged relief from most conditions. That’s one of the key reasons it’s suggested for patients to begin with smaller dosages - just a small amount is likely to provide the desired levels of relief.

The fact that medical marijuana concentrates are available in CBD forms is welcome news, because it allows patients to receive their desired levels of relief without being too impaired to operate. Medical marijuana concentrates are discreet too, so they can be consumed on-the-go when unexpected flare ups arrive. It’s also important for patients to remember that medical marijuana concentrates come in a variety of forms that provide relief. The options available to medical marijuana patients at dispensaries include live resin, badder, crumble, budder, and others. Patients within Ohio’s medical marijuana program also benefit from the fact that all of the concentrates available for sale at Ohio dispensaries have been tested for approval prior to being made available for sale.

Medical Marijuana Concentrates Can Be Consumed Multiple Ways

Aside from the instant and continued relief medical marijuana concentrates provide, another reason patients may be curious about them is because they’re capable of being consumed so quickly and easily. The two most common methods of vaporizing concentrates consist of vape pens with cartridges and vaporizers that patients can load oil and concentrate into directly themselves. While each patient has their own personal preference, many believe that cartridges are more user-friendly since all it takes is screwing the cartridge itself onto the pen. Traditional vaporizers that patients have to load concentrates with by hand can get messy, and dosages can be difficult to control.

Even though that’s the case, concentrates that are vaporized without cartridges offer a different taste or therapeutic effects that some patients may prefer over cartridges. It's also important to note that the processing that concentrates go through when cartridges are processed could cause some of the terpenes to dissipate. Both methods of consumption are discreet and convenient for patients seeking fast relief from ongoing discomfort.

The Only Way to Legally Obtain Medical Marijuana Concentrates in Ohio is With a Medical Marijuana Card - Get Yours Today!

In order to legally and safely consume medical marijuana concentrates to overcome certain medical conditions, a medical marijuana card is a necessity. Fortunately obtaining a medical marijuana card is likely easier than you think. All it takes to obtain a medical marijuana card is to make an appointment with a medical marijuana physician capable of getting you approved for one. Same day appointments are available and there are a variety of insights they can offer that could make your experience with medical marijuana better than you could have ever imagined. Thousands of Ohioans are experiencing an improved quality of life thanks to Ohio’s medical marijuana program, and you could be next by signing up today!


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