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Who is using more cannabis: Baby Boomers or Millennials?

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

A recent survey from cannabis company, Verilife, concludes that baby boomers are consuming cannabis at twice the rate of millennials. Baby boomers are anyone ranging in ages 56-76, while millennials account for the age group 22-38 year olds.

Why Baby Boomers are using cannabis:

The research revealed that the majority (49%) of baby boomers were using cannabis to treat their medical conditions, while 28% said they were using it recreationally, and 22% said that they were using it for both medicinal and recreational purposes. The most common medical conditions baby boomers are using cannabis to treat include; arthritis (15%), chronic pain (13%), cancer (11%), and migraines (8%).

What about Millennials?

Out of the millennials surveyed, 49% revealed they were using cannabis solely for recreational purposes. However, 22% said they consume it to treat their medical conditions. Some of the conditions and symptoms they use cannabis to treat include; chronic pain (13%), nausea (11%), and arthritis (8%).

Similarities Shared By Both:

Some things that were common among both age groups were their views on using cannabis for medical purposes. Both groups agreed that there are significant medicinal benefits for consuming cannabis (whether or not that was the reason they chose to use it). They both agreed that if given the option between using cannabis or prescription medication to reduce pain, they would choose cannabis.

Whether you choose to use cannabis for treating your medical condition or just as a way to wind down, both groups can agree that cannabis is the answer!


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