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Why Cannabis Flower Remains a Popular Option at Dispensaries

When walking through the doors of a dispensary, patients are met with a wide variety of options to choose from. Edibles, vapes, tinctures, concentrates, topicals and more provide numerous ways to experience marijuana use. Despite all of the options, the biggest seller at dispensaries remains cannabis flower.

What is it about cannabis flower that makes it so popular? Patients may have a variety of reasons that they prefer to use why they use marijuana bud rather than consume a gummy or take a few drops of a tincture and you’ll receive an assortment of answers.

Here are six reasons why flower remains a fan favorite among marijuana consumers.

1. Price

Flower is one of the least expensive forms of cannabis. Drying herb doesn’t require complicated or costly extraction like the creation of other marijuana products does. For users who wish to utilize cannabis on budget, dried flower can be the best choice.

2. Consumption

Research has shown that the safest way to inhale marijuana is by vaping marijuana flower. When you vape, hot air blasts the marijuana bud and extracts the THC, CBD, and other beneficial compounds. More importantly, the heated air does not produce toxic combustion compared to lighting marijuana with a lighter.

3. Strain Variety

Of one of the best things about cannabis flower is the endless variety of strains available. Each strain consists of a chemical makeup that is unique and provides a different experience. You can purchase strains that are uplifting and others that are more calming and relaxing. The medicinal possibilities with cannabis flower are unlike any other product and you can find strains that are tailored specifically to treating your medical condition.

4. Fast Onset

Inhaling cannabis results in the quickest onset, which usually takes around 5 to 10 minutes. For users who are looking for fast and rapid relief, inhaling is the best way to achieve the effects.

5. Ease of Dosing

Cannabis flower is the easiest form to experiment with and find the correct dose for you. Inhaling marijuana provides a rapid onset and effects can be felt immediately compared to other products such as edibles. Because of this, consumers can take small hits and increase their dose every 10 minutes until the right level is achieved.

With the endless variety cannabis flower provides, there is no sign of its popularity decreasing. Visit our Ohio Dispensary Locations Page to see which strains are available at a facility near you!


If you are a qualifying patient who is suffering from one of the qualifying conditions and is seeking medical marijuana treatment, schedule a telemedicine evaluation, and gain access to Ohio dispensaries.You can schedule your appointment by calling us at 866-457-5559 or book your appointment online.


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