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Anxiety has been on the rise in the US and in Ohio over the last couple of years, and finding a safe, effective treatment with minimal unwanted side effects is more important than ever. Although anxiety is not yet an approved qualifying condition for medical marijuana in Ohio, there are some major changes coming to the state medical marijuana program that may make it much easier to get legal access to cannabis for anxiety, depression, and a long list of other conditions not originally approved.


Additionally, if you are living with anxiety and want to become a medical marijuana patient in Ohio today, you may be able to qualify if you have been diagnosed with another condition that does fit into the requirements for treatment with cannabis. 


Keep reading to learn more about common qualifying conditions that are often comorbid with anxiety, use the form below to be notified when anxiety is added to the Ohio medical marijuana program's qualifying conditions list, or give us a call today at (866) 457-5559 to talk about your situation with our patient support team!

Many patients are able to treat anxiety with medical marijuana because they have another condition that does qualify for an Ohio medical marijuana card. Anxiety may come about as a result of PTSD, IBD, cancers, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, HIV/AIDS, TBI and terminal illness, and anxiety can also cause some of these conditions as well.


So though you may not directly be able to get a medical marijuana card in Ohio for anxiety, you might have another qualifying condition that allows you to get legal access to cannabis products at dispensaries to help your anxiety.


If you have been diagnosed with another condition that has been approved for treatment with medical marijuana, give us a call at (866) 457-5559, or simply schedule an appointment for a medical marijuana evaluation online today!

Anxiety May be a Symptom of Conditions That Do Qualify for MMJ in Ohio

Chronic pain is one of the most common health problems among adults in the United States, and the majority of patients who have an Ohio marijuana card qualify because of this condition. The relationship between anxiety and chronic pain is well-documented, and qualifying for medical marijuana because of chronic pain may mean that you can also treat your anxiety with cannabis as a result.

Chronic Pain is a Symptom of Anxiety

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, chronic pain is one of the more common symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Anxiety can lower your tolerance to pain, cause general aches and pains, and may even lead to migraines and cluster headaches.

Chronic Pain & Anxiety Cycle (1).png

Several Chronic Pain Conditions are Comorbid With Anxiety

A number of conditions that cause chronic pain are comorbid with anxiety. It is unclear whether anxiety causes these conditions, but evidence is pretty conclusive that anxiety makes them worse. People living with both chronic pain and anxiety often become entrenched in a cycle, because living with constant pain can cause anxiety, which exacerbates pain, which increases anxiety—eventually becoming a debilitating series of chain reactions if left untreated.


Treating chronic pain alongside anxiety is further complicated by the fact that many patients living with anxiety disorders are more sensitive to—and fearful of—the side effects common to prescription medications used for pain. NSAIDs may cause stomach sensitivities, and people who have been diagnosed with a mood disorder are more prone to developing a dependence on opioids.

Painful Conditions that Qualify for Medical Marijuana in Ohio Often Found to be Comorbid With Anxiety:

The Chronic Pain and Anxiety Cycle

Many people experiencing overwhelming levels of anxiety are unaware of the fact that this may be a symptom of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Anxiety, irritability and insomnia can all point to a PTSD diagnosis if they have come about as a result of traumatic events in your life and lasted for one month or more.

COVID Has Led to a Nation Living With Trauma on a Daily Basis

With COVID still raging into 2022, we are in a new era of PTSD diagnoses. Frontline workers are dealing with the trauma of dying patients on a daily basis, and most of us have either been sick or lost a loved one. We are all in a constant state of adjustment with our jobs, our children's educations, supply shortages, food insecurity, and the way we live our lives.

If you have been living with intense depression and anxiety as a result of COVID, you may qualify for a PTSD diagnosis in Ohio, which would then qualify you for a medical marijuana card.

Anxiety May be a Symptom of PTSD

Legislators in the state of Ohio have come to recognize the problems with the state's medical marijuana program as it is today, and they have already begun implementing changes that will make medical marijuana more affordable and accessible.


In addition to the changes that are underway, the Ohio State Senate has approved a bill that will expand the list of qualifying conditions to include any in which a patient's symptoms could reasonably be expected to be relieved by cannabis.


We already know that medical marijuana can help reduce anxiety as well as symptoms of depression, and we're thrilled that state lawmakers are preparing to acknowledge medical marijuana as approved for anxiety in Ohio.

The patient support team at Ohio Marijuana Card is trained to help you get the natural relief you deserve! Give our staff a call today at (866) 457-5559


If you schedule an appointment with one of our Ohio certified medical marijuana doctors and are not approved, you'll get a full refund for the cost of your visit. If you are approved, you'll get a full year's worth of free follow up visits to ensure you are getting the best treatment possible!


Let us help you feel your best, today and every day!

Changes to the MMJ Program May Make it Easier to Get a Medical Marijuana Card for Anxiety in Ohio
Get More Information About Getting an Ohio Marijuana Card to Treat Anxiety by Calling Us Today!

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