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How Do I Get Medical Marijuana In Ohio?

Getting your medical marijuana card in Ohio can be a confusing process thanks to the state's tightly-regulated medical marijuana laws. In this resource, we'll take a look at how patients can obtain their medical marijuana card after they've received their recommendation from a certified Ohio medical marijuana doctor.

What Conditions Qualify For A Medical Marijuana Card In Ohio?

The Ohio Medical Board has approved the use of medical marijuana to help treat and alleviate the symptoms associated with a variety of medical conditions and ailments. In total, there are currently 25 conditions eligible for treatment with medical marijuana, and the State Medical Board accepts petitions to add new conditions annually.


Qualified patients need to get a recommendation from an MMJ doctor in Ohio, and then they can register for an Ohio marijuana card with the Ohio Medical Marijuana Patient Registry.

How to register for an Ohio medical marijuana card

How To Get A Medical Marijuana Recommendation in Ohio

After determining if you have one of the qualifying medical conditions listed above, you will need to visit a doctor certified to recommend medical marijuana. Patients are required to establish a​ bona fide physician-patient relationship with this doctor, which includes:

  1. An examination by the doctor

  2. A review of the patient's medical history

  3. Follow up calls from the doctor regarding your diagnosis

The doctor is also required to view your medical records documenting your condition, and review a drug database report of information related to the patient. After the doctor has determined that you qualify for medical marijuana, they will write a recommendation and send a letter to the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy. Here is look at that process:

Ohio medical marijuana patient rules and regulations

How Do I Receive My Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio?

Once you have received your recommendation from your physician, your physician’s office will enter you into the patient registry.

  • You will receive an email to complete your registration. Click on the link in the email to access the Ohio Medical Marijuana Patient Registry to confirm your information and pay for your card. Patients will pay an annual $50 registration fee and caregivers will pay $25.

  • Download your marijuana card. You can print a copy or show an electronic version on your cell phone when at a dispensary. Ohio Marijuana Card also offers a durable, plastic patient I.D. card for added convenience!

  • Discounts are available for patients and caregivers who are veterans or low-income individuals, making marijuana cards affordable and accessible to more patients looking for natural relief. Additional documentation must be submitted to receive a discount.


The video above walks patients through the entire process, from obtaining your medical marijuana recommendation from a certified doctor, to registering as an Ohio MMJ patient. After you register for a marijuana card in Ohio, you will receive your official medical patient I.D., and you can visit any Ohio dispensary. Your Ohio medical marijuana card will be good for one year from the date you receive the official card.


Below is a look at the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program's Patient Responsibilities card:


*NOTE: The Ohio Medical Marijuana Patient Registry was activated December 3, 2018. 


Once your recommendation letter has been sent in by our physicians, you should receive an email from the Ohio Board of Pharmacy at the email address you provided. You'll then be able to get registered for your Ohio medical marijuana card!

How Do I Get a Recommendation for Medical Marijuana in Ohio?

In order to get your recommendation for medical marijuana in Ohio, you'll need to see a doctor who has been certified by the state board to evaluate patients for whether cannabis is the right treatment option.


Ohio Marijuana Card's patient support staff is here six days a week to answer all your questions, and help you prepare to register for a medical marijuana card in Ohio. Our doctors are compassionate, understanding, and they are educated in the best ways to treat your symptoms and conditions with medical cannabis.


Give us a call at (866) 457-5559, or schedule an appointment to see a medical marijuana doctor online or in person today!

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