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How to Find Medical Marijuana Jobs in Ohio

It has only been a few short years since House Bill 523 was passed in 2016, passing for the first time a medical cannabis program in Ohio. Since then, the first dispensary in Ohio opened its doors in January of 2019 marking the operational start of Ohio's medical marijuana program. 

As more facilities and operations open across Ohio, we have had an increase in inquiries regarding employment at medical cannabis operations in Ohio. As such, we compiled links to all of the operational medical cannabis operators in Ohio that have public "Join Our Team" or "Careers" pages for individuals to submit an application.




Other Places to Find Cannabis Jobs in Ohio

In addition to the career pages on an individual company's websites, seems to be the second most common platform to find job offers for medical cannabis positions in Ohio.

Furthermore, Marijuana Jobs/Cannabis Careers houses a number of job offers from medical cannabis operators in Ohio. The Mary Jane Agency also helps connect qualified workers with medical cannabis positions.

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