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Contrary To Rumor, Plant Material And Flower Will Be Sold In Ohio Dispensaries

Rumor Control: Volume One

Having headed social media at Ohio Marijuana Card for nearly half a year has afforded me all kinds of fascinating opportunities to see questions, criticisms, comments and concerns from patients, advocates and people interested in Ohio medical marijuana.

We do our best to address these concerns, deliver concise education, provide news .. and have some goofy fun along the way. Sadly, because information flows so freely and quickly on social media, it's often hard to communicate one singular message to every single customer, fan, advocate or potential patient, let alone several different messages.

That is why I have created Rumor Control. This new series will address the various rumors I have witnessed about the Ohio medical marijuana industry, and try to get to the bottom of some of these false, true or confusing rumors.


Rumor: Ohio's medical marijuana program only allows oils

This the top rumor I have witnessed in 2018. For real. Hundreds of customers. And I have been diligently trying to trace this one for several months now and I have yet to get a full fix for how this rumor started. I've asked doctors, patients, potential customers, and fans of Ohio Marijuana Card's social media pages. Nothing.

While many, many, MANY customers feel very confident that flower won't be sold in stores, I've not yet been pointed to a direct source for this claim. It's highly possible the rumor originated from a TV news report early on in the program's genesis, when the rules and regulations were (even more) confusing to the laymen (and even those in the industry).

But hashing through the rhetoric used, I'm led to believe that this rumor started because of Ohio's "No Smoking" rule, which prohibits smoking marijuana. Many appear to have interpreted that rule as meaning that flower (aka planet material or bud) would not be sold in dispensaries.

After all, don't you use that plant material to roll into a joint or put into a bowl? Well ... plant material can also be vaporized using a dry herb vaporizer. This method is great not only for the health benefits, but because you can grind up and reuse the vaped weed (or duff) as a topping on food, or cook it into meals.

If anyone needs further proof about this, you can point people to the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program website. Their November 2018 update stresses that plant material will be sold in stores.

It is also worth noting that OMMCP's official "Patient Responsibilities" card (see pic) lists plant material as being allowed.

Reality: FALSE

Plant material will be available in addition to a wide gamut of other marijuana products, from edibles to creams, tonics and tinctures


Rumor: Ohio won't let you smoke marijuana

OK, this rumor has been confusing patients, advocates, doctors and industry insiders for some time. In fact, it's the catalyst for many other rumors about Ohio's medical marijuana program, including the "Ohio only sells oils" rumor noted above.

But this rumor is tricky because, yes, Ohio has decided to prohibit patients from smoking marijuana by essentially blocking smoking or smoking-related products from dispensaries. This is based on numerous health concerns, and in keeping with Ohio's previous ban on smoking tobacco in public.

That being said, is someone going to storm your house, guns blazing, and check to see if you are, in fact, only vaporizing your legally-prescribed reefer? Well ... not unless you give them probable cause.

What this means for Ohio dispensaries is that they will not be allowed to sell smoking products, like bongs, bowls or pre-rolled joints. Any cannabis product that is ONLY meant for smoking is strictly prohibited. Since cannabis flower can also be vaporized, it will be allowed.

As for smoking in public, well ... that's still illegal under state law (Ohio banned public smoking almost a decade ago). You would be able to use other cannabis products (oils, creams, edibles, tonics, vaporizers) in public, provided you have an active Ohio medical marijuana card.

While our staff and doctors do not recommend smoking marijuana for the same health concerns that the State of Ohio has voiced, we understand that old habits die hard, and many patients were upset to hear about this ban. We do highly recommend that you give vaping (or any of the other methods) a try. They really are the best way to enjoy the numerous health benefits of marijuana.


Ohio will not allow dispensaries to sell smoking products (bongs, bowls, pre-rolled joints), nor are MMJ patients allowed to smoke in public. However, unless authorities have authorization (and cause) to enter your home, there is no way of enforcing the smoking ban in your household. That said, every alternative to smoking marijuana is better for your overall lung health.

If you are an Ohioan suffering from one of these 21 medical conditions you may be eligible to treat your ailment with medical marijuana, which includes both THC and CBD products.

Click here to learn more about what Ohio Marijuana Card's state-certified medical marijuana doctors can do for you, or give us a call at 1-866-457-5559 and our friendly support team can walk you through the entire process, and set you up with an appointment.


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