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  • Ashley Slimak

Indica vs Sativa Edibles

indica vs sativa edibles

Cannabis consumers agree that there is a distinct difference between the effects given off by sativa and indica strains. But what about edibles? Do edibles that are specifically labeled as indica or sativa really produce different effects?

Homemade Edibles v. Dispensary Edibles

There is a distinct difference between homemade edibles and edibles purchased from a dispensary. It is easy to go wrong with homemade edibles because of common mistakes like not distributing the cannabis-infused butter evenly throughout your recipe. By not evenly distributing cannabis butter, your recipe may have areas that are stronger or weaker than others based on the concentration of THC. This is where dispensary edibles can be considered more reliable when it comes to how patients feel after consuming.

Indica v. Sativa Edibles

If you choose to make your own edibles, you should consider a few factors in deciding on the best strain for you. Many patients who make their own edibles often cannot distinguish which strain it is.

Some things to consider if you are trying to see if you can tell a distinct difference between strains are..

1. The time of day you are consuming edibles: If you are already fatigued, side effects of the edibles may be enhanced depending on which strain you take.

2. Your Tolerance: Depending on the amount of THC in your edibles, new users could feel a lot different after consuming edibles versus someone who is more of an experienced cannabis consumer.

3. Your Desired Results: As with anything you take, you should understand which edibles/products are most useful to treat your condition and symptoms. Document your reaction and whether or not one particular product is more helpful in providing relief than another.

No matter what type of strain is used to create edibles, the effects are not always distinctively different. Results can vary from patient to patient. If you are looking for edibles as an option for treatment, test different products to see what works best for you!

What’s your go-to edible from Ohio dispensaries? Or do you prefer to make your own?


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