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  • Alec Chenkus

Lakewood's First Dispensary Opening Is Just Around The Corner!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Ribbon cutting ceremony at RiSE dispensary in Lakewood
The RiSE team conducts the ceremonial ribbon cutting in front of its Lakewood dispensary

Lakewood, Ohio will have its first operational medical cannabis dispensary within the next few weeks! RiSE dispensary, owned and operated by GTI Ohio, held a ceremonial ribbon-cutting event at its future 11818 Madison Avenue dispensary!

RiSE dispensary will have five total dispensaries in Ohio; currently, RiSE has operational dispensaries in Toledo, Lorain, and downtown Cleveland, and ultimately will also have two dispensaries located in Lakewood. Bringing experience from 13 states, RiSE has become a patient favorite for its knowledgeable and compassionate team.

Courtney Crnobrnja will be GM and Pharmacist at RiSE - Lakewood
Courtney Crnobrnja will serve as RiSE - Lakewood's general manager and lead pharmacist

The dispensary has a cozy and warm feel to it despite its smaller size (in comparison to other RiSE locations). Education appears to be a key component of the Lakewood location as the dispensary is designed for maximum convenience for patients, including the option to request a private consultation with one of RiSE's pharmacists. RiSE's dispensary on Madison Avenue will be run by Courtney Crnobrnja.

The ceremonial ribbon-cutting yesterday was in preparation for the official opening of the dispensary in the coming weeks. Prior to the ribbon-cutting event, RiSE invited State Representative of District 12, Juanita Brent, in addition to Patty Ryan, CEO & President at the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce. Both women spoke highly of RiSE's presence in the community, and thanked RiSE for community outreach efforts such as donating turkeys and sides to the Lakewood Community Services Center for Thanksgiving.

State Rep. Juanita Brent discusses RiSE dispensary in Lakewood
State Rep. Juanita Brent was in attendance to support RiSE

Rep. Brent went on to declare her support of medical cannabis in Ohio, in addition to looking forward to recreational adult-use in the future. Brent discussed the impact that having medical cannabis as an option in the area as bringing hope to the community - especially considering the rate of opioid abuse and addiction in Ohio particularly.

Overall, the event was one of optimism and excitement. Much of the RiSE team was in attendance to speak with patients and help answer questions while providing those interested with a brief tour of the interior of the dispensary. You could tell that the team was ready to receive final approval to open the dispensary and support patients in Lakewood and the surrounding area!

To stay updated on the RiSE - Lakewood location on Madison Avenue, be sure to follow us on social media. There will be a second RiSE dispensary location in Lakewood on Detroit Avenue, although we expect to learn more about this location after the Madison Avenue location opens for the first time.


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