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  • Jordan T. Smith

Ohio Lawmakers File New Legalization Bill on 420

Recently, the fight to legalize cannabis in Ohio saw another chapter begin to unfold as state democrats Terrance Upchurch and Casey Weinstein introduced new legislation to legalize it. The pair also couldn’t have chosen a better time to introduce the legislation! They announced their legalization bill on the famed cannabis culture holiday, 4/20. Ever since medical marijuana sales began in Ohio back in 2019, conversations regarding the legalization of recreational adult-use cannabis use have been steadily increasing. For further insights about the bill, continue reading below.

Details About the New Bill Filed By Lawmakers

One of the first things about the bill that stands out is how closely it mirrors the legalization proposal made by the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (CTRMLA). That’s the case because it’s almost an exact replica of the plan put forth by the grassroots coalition. If Ohio’s State legislation fails to act on the proposed legislation by CTRMLA by next month, advocates should be able to collect additional signatures to get the measure in front of voters on the November ballot. The proposal from Upchurch and Weinstein provides the State Legislature with another chance to make a decision on legalization before voters decide on the matter.

If ratified into law, the proposal would allow adults 21 and older to purchase and possess a maximum of 2.5 ounces of cannabis, along with 15 grams of concentrates. Ohioans 21 and older would also be allowed to grow up to six plants for personal use, with a limit of 12 per household. A sales tax of 10 percent would be enacted on cannabis products, as well. Revenue would be divided amongst localities that allow adult-use marijuana businesses to operate, social equity and jobs programs, and education and substance misuse programs. The passage of this measure would also provide medical marijuana businesses with first dibs into the recreational market. Additionally, it would require establishment of a division of cannabis control, established under the State Department of Commerce.

How This Bill Is Different From The One Proposed By Weinstein and Upchurch in 2021

The bill passed by Weinstein and Upchurch a few weeks ago is different from the one proposed last year in a variety of ways. One of the most notable is the fact that the old proposal included provisions that would have expunged prior convictions for marijuana possession and cultivation. That marijuana legalization bill, which was the first proposal of its kind in the State’s history, would have made it legal for Ohioans 21 and older to purchase up to 5 ounces of cannabis at a time. Under that provision, individuals would be allowed to grow up to12 ounces of mature plants for personal use at a time.

Another way last year’s bill differs from the recently proposed legislation is because of the breakdown of the sales tax revenue generated from legal adult-use cannabis sales. Under the 2021 proposal, a 10% excise tax imposed on cannabis sales would have seen tax revenue split for K-12 education and infrastructure amongst municipalities with at least one recreational marijuana retail location. Unfortunately, similar to just about every other cannabis legalization bill that followed in its footsteps, there has been little-to-no effort to get the bill ratified into law. Since that’s the case, the only option for Ohioans to legally purchase and consume cannabis is with a medical marijuana card.

Since Recreational Marijuana Legalization Isn’t Guaranteed, The Only Way to Legally Obtain Cannabis in Ohio is With a Medical Marijuana Card - Get Yours Today!

The demand for legal adult-use recreational cannabis is beginning to reach a fevered pitch in the State of Ohio. Regardless, there are still no concrete plans for cannabis legalization in the Buckeye State, which means the only way Ohioans can consume and purchase cannabis without legal ramifications is with a medical marijuana card. Obtaining a medical marijuana card is easier than you think. All you need to do is make an appointment with a medical marijuana physician who can get you approved for one. Doing so is the only way to take advantage of all of the benefits of having safe, legal access to cannabis without the potential for legal ramifications.


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