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Research Reveals Which Cannabis Products Women Prefer

Research Reveals Which Cannabis Products Women Prefer

With legal marijuana markets developing across the country, we are just now beginning to have access to data indicating the preferred products by different groups of patients. Recently, a cannabis analytics company conducted a study that revealed the cannabis products women prefer based on recent purchasing data. The research found that men tend to purchase more flower and concentrates, while women prefer more non-combustible methods of cannabis such as vape pens, edibles, tinctures, and topicals. Research shows that between 2017-2018, women purchased 19% more vapes, 47% more topicals, and 42% more tinctures than in recent years. The research also concluded that women tend to be more interested in using cannabis to treat their medical conditions than using it for recreational purposes. One of the most popular items purchased by women was CBD/THC tinctures. A possible explanation for why more women prefer to purchase products such as tinctures and vape pens, is due to the convenience factor. Women stated that they like the fact that they can discreetly hide their medication without others knowing or smelling it on them.

Dispensaries across Ohio have also noticed that there has been a significant increase in vape sales as prices have begun to lower with more cultivators and processors releasing cannabis vape pens, and now single cartridges. Vape pens can be used conveniently for treating chronic pain, and many other conditions, as they provide immediate relief through the inhalation of heated cannabis oil.

Tinctures were yet another cannabis product that was popular among women in this study. Tinctures are available at most dispensaries and vary in size and cannabinoid profile, with a wide range of THC:CBD ratios. Tinctures can be used orally by placing drops underneath a patient's tongue and provide relief shortly after consumption. Other patients prefer to mix the drops from their tincture in with a drink, such as coffee or tea.

Dispensaries in Ohio offer patients all of these buying options to treat their medical conditions. Be sure to check out our dispensary pricing page to see discounts and deals near you before your next visit to the dispensary!

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