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Study Reveals CBD Helps Antibiotics Fight Against Resistant Bacteria

CBD Helps Antibotics Fight Bacteria

A recent study conducted in Denmark found that CBD assists antibiotics in fighting against resistant bacteria. This is a major benefit for medical marijuana patients here in Ohio, who use medical cannabis along with CBD to treat their qualifying condition.

CBD has many benefits, but is known for working better in conjunction with other compounds to treat a variety of ailments. Another example of CBD working with other compounds is the entourage effect. The entourage effect is known as the combination of CBD & THC, along with all of the other compounds found in whole flower cannabis. When consumed together, the cannabinoids work more effectively in providing relief to patients.

This study from Denmark indicates that CBD may also increase the efficacy of antibiotics in fighting against resistant bacteria. CBD is often referred to as a “helper compound” which is effective in killing gram-positive bacteria. The Denmark study revealed that when using CBD with antibiotics to treat bacteria infections such as a staph infection, they saw a more powerful effect than when treating it solely with antibiotics alone. Researchers found that when using CBD in conjunction with the antibiotics to treat the staph infection, the bacteria could no longer separate or divide like it normally would without the use of CBD. This resulted in the membrane of the bacteria to become unstable, which ultimately led to the conclusion that less antibiotics were needed to treat bacteria infections such as staph, when using the helper compound, CBD.

Other lab tests done in the past have shown CBD as a potent bacteria resistant killer, because the bacteria did not become resistant after being exposed to it for 20+ days. CBD has countless benefits for medical marijuana patients.

Dispensaries across the state of Ohio provide patients with several options for treatment which include the combination of CBD and THC to treat their conditions. Some of the most common CBD medication forms include available at dispensaries include tinctures, lotions, and oils. Click here to find dispensary deals near you!

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