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Taking a Look at Calyx Peak, an Ohio Medical Marijuana Cultivator and Processor

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Calyx Peak Cultivation and Processing in Akron, OH
Calyx Peak is a level 1 medical marijuana cultivator and processor in Akron, Ohio

Have you ever heard of, or tried, the cannabis strain OG Kush? OG Kush fans need to look no further in Ohio, as Calyx Peak in Akron, Ohio is currently cultivating some of the most sought after OG Kush phenotypes, in addition to a number of other top-quality medical marijuana products. Most recently, Calyx Peak's 'Josh D Farms' California team "dominated" at the 2019 Emerald Cup with four top ten finishes, including winning #1 for "mixed light flower" with its Ice Cream Cake strain that is currently available in Ohio!

Calyx Peak is a licensed Level 1 cannabis cultivator and processor, with experience from more mature medical marijuana states including California, Nevada, and Massachusetts. Calyx Peak is nationally recognized for its SONG and Josh D product lines, the latter of which hosts a large variety of OG Kush phenotypes. Most recently, Calyx Peak announced a rebranding and introduction of a new product line, LOCAL, which will allow the SONG product line in Ohio to focus on health and wellness products including tinctures, lotions, and supplemental capsules.

We had the chance to stop by the 25,000 square foot facility (although only 21,000 sq. ft. is currently being used until expansion), and impressive is an understatement - the team pairs technical knowledge and experience of the cannabis plant with a patient-focused lens that shows Calyx's commitment to the cannabis community. Every single employee that we ran into along the tour were incredibly knowledgeable, insightful, and genuine in their passion and motivation to work in this industry.

It was really cool to see a "GLG" patch on one of the processor's lab coat; GLG stands for Good Life Gang and is in reference to an open-source platform called created for select cultivators and processors to share insights, experiences, and new techniques for others on the platform. It is not easy to become a member of the platform, so this was an incredibly optimistic sign of the quality of concentrates that Calyx Peak will be introducing to Ohio's market.

And the dedication of the Calyx Peak's team in Ohio clearly shines through as the level of care and attention is bar none; from the choice of soil, to the choices of strains and techniques to increase terpene potency, to the sheer amount of knowledge that the team had to offer regarding every aspect of operations, you could tell that the team lives and breathes to increase the standards in Ohio's young medical marijuana program. Between its resin-rich OG Kush varieties, and its potent and terpene-rich exotics, there is a product for any patient and any condition.

Furthermore, the vision of Calyx Peak's processing operations is also one of inclusion: Calyx Peak team members understand that every patient is different, while some may enjoy some products, others may prefer a different product. This is why Calyx Peak has made it a point to offer various options in concentrated products so that patients can find what extract will work best for symptomatic relief. This is the reason you will find CO2 and distillate-based concentrated vape cartridge options, and with future products Calyx Peak has thought ahead to make sure that its product lines have an option for every single patient, no matter the condition or product preference.

According to Calyx Peak's Sales Director, Justin Bellflower, Clubhouse Dispensary and About Wellness Ohio are the dispensaries that most often stock, not only the fundamentals of Calyx Peak's line-up, but also some of the newest products that Calyx Peak will be offering. However, due to Calyx Peak's respected reputation, nearly any dispensary in Ohio will have Calyx Peak products available.

Keep an eye out in the next couple of weeks as Calyx Peak introduces new strain-specific concentrated vape cartridges, including cartridges extracted from patient favorite strains such as Orange 43, Ice Cream Cake, Sundae Driver, and Dosiface!

To learn more about Calyx Peak's product lines, currently available strains, and upcoming strains, be sure to check out our previous article covering Calyx Peak, or you can visit Calyx Peak's website.

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