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  • Jordan T. Smith

Tips Regarding Using Medical Marijuana to Recover From Sports Injuries

When thinking about the groups of people who would benefit from everything medical marijuana has to offer, athletes may not immediately come to mind. The truth is that medical marijuana could help athletes in numerous ways, which could have long-term benefits on their overall health after their playing days are over with.

The problem is that the stigma placed on medical marijuana by both professional and amateur sports leagues has led to outdated ideas about cannabis prevailing over scientific evidence proving the medicinal benefits it has. If athletes are given the proper information about medical marijuana, their overall health outcomes are likely to improve. The fact is that due to the many injuries athletes amass over their careers, many of them suffer from chronic pain that would likely qualify them for medical marijuana. Sadly, many athletes are discouraged from using cannabis to recover from their injuries early on, which restricts them to a career of using opioids and over the counter pain relievers to recover.

Now that ideas about marijuana are changing across many sports entities, some athletes are able to access the relief medical marijuana provides. A few tips remember when using medical marijuana to recover from sports injuries include:

CBD Medical Marijuana Products Provide Near-Immediate Relief

Among the many ways medical marijuana can help athletes better than more traditional medications is the fact that certain CBD products have the potential of relieving pain faster than you can imagine. Typically CBD products like vaporizers and tinctures take about 15 minutes or so to kick in.

Over the counter pain relief medication, on the other hand, can take nearly an hour to do the trick. CBD tinctures come in a wide variety of flavors and strains, too. The Terrasana dispensary in Cleveland for instance has a selection of CBD tinctures that include the CBD rich Citrus Broad Spectrum Tincture offered by Firelands Scientific. Keep this in mind before resorting to the same old over the counter pain meds that take much longer to treat those post-game aches and pains. While providing faster relief than over the counter pain relief medications, CBD also frees athletes from some of the long-term side effects that come with taking them over extended periods of time, too. The same can be said for athletes who rely on opioids to relieve their pain. Converting to a natural pain relief solution can have numerous health benefits for athletes even long after their playing days are over.

Athletes Who Play Contact Sports Can Use Medical Marijuana to Help Offset Concussion Pain

The conversation revolving around athletes and concussions has been ongoing in numerous sports over the course of the last several years now. Since there’s now research that backs cannabis as an effective resource in helping to treat concussion symptoms like headaches, it’s likely that the conversation won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Studies show that both vape pens and tinctures are the most effective methods of using medical marijuana as an aid in concussion recovery. Luckily for athletes who suffer from concussions, the Ohio Medical Marijuana Board recently just approved migraines as a qualifying condition to receive a medical marijuana card.

Terrasana has an offering of vapes to match it’s selection of tinctures that includes a flavorful, sweet Birthday Cake sativa cartridge from Cure Ohio. Even though medical marijuana is clearly effective when it comes to helping cure concussion pain, the relief it provides can also help patients fall asleep which generally helps improve quality of life.

Since it has such a major impact on the lives of athletes, it’s no wonder attitudes around cannabis are starting to change within the sports world. Given that there are more ways to consume medical marijuana now than ever before, it’s likely that attitudes will continue to evolve about the place cannabis has in sports.

Smokeless Medical Marijuana Products Can Provide Athletes With Relief Without the Risks of Lung Damage

For a long time, even though the medicinal benefits had been confirmed, the biggest pushback against it was the idea that the health benefits were negated due to the drawbacks associated with smoking the substance. Since medical marijuana has become more commonplace, there are a multitude of smokeless medical marijuana options that allow athletes to receive all of the relief medical marijuana provides without any of the risks associated with smoking.

Now that there are so many more options available to consumers, there are more and more instances of athletes resorting to medical marijuana from their sports injuries. The only regret that comes with doing so is the fact that you weren’t able to do so earlier.

The impact switching to medical marijuana for pain relief can have on an athlete’s life on and off the field of play can’t be overstated. It doesn’t matter if your playing days are in the rear view, or if your best days are still ahead of you, treating pain resulting from sports injuries with medical marijuana can change the game for you entirely. To find out if you qualify for medical marijuana in Ohio, schedule an appointment with a certified physician online today.


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