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  • Ashley Slimak

What Are Cannabis Tolerance Breaks And Are They Useful?

When consuming marijuana on a regular basis, users may begin to notice that the effects may not be as strong as they were when they first began using cannabis. Even after changing strains or trying different consumption methods, users still report that the effects of marijuana seem to lessen after extended use. That's why some individuals take what are called tolerance breaks in order to lower their tolerance and increase the effects of marijuana.

What Is a Tolerance Break?

Like other medicine and drugs, our bodies begin to develop a tolerance when cannabis is consumed on a regular basis. A tolerance break is simply a short-term break from using marijuana to help clear one’s body and head of THC.

So why exactly do people take tolerance breaks? Some individuals take tolerance breaks to improve their lung function, increase mental clarity or most importantly, to heighten the intensity of effects upon reintroduction of marijuana.

How Long Should a Tolerance Break Be?

Since cannabis affects everyone differently, the amount of time needed for a tolerance break will vary from person to person. For some users, a few days without marijuana can be enough to help feel more intense effects upon returning to consumption. However, for others, one to two weeks is a more ideal time frame.

On the other hand, tolerance breaks do not need to consist of eliminating cannabis consumption completely from your daily routine. Especially if cannabis is being used for medicinal purposes, it could be difficult to stop consumption altogether. However, a tolerance break could consist of a consumer changing their regular consumption routine which can have an influence on the effectiveness of marijuana. For example, skipping consumption in the morning could lead to greater effects and a more prominent high when using marijuana in the evening. Overall, the length of a break will depend on the users current tolerance level and their usage patterns.

Have you ever taken a cannabis tolerance break before? Share your experience and tell us how it made a difference for you!


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