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Best Strains and Products for Chronic Pain Relief

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Medical Marijuana & Chronic Pain: Finding the best strains and products
Best Strains and Products for Chronic Pain Relief

One of the most common conditions that patients seek medical marijuana treatment is for chronic pain. Chronic pain can be associated with a number of different medical conditions, making even the most basic daily functions difficult for those suffering.

Whether it be chronic pain related to inflammation, headaches, neuropathic pain, muscle soreness, spinal injury, or fibromyalgia, cannabis has been found to have varying degrees of success in treating pain-related ailments depending on the type of pain, the intensity, the choice of strain/product, and, of course, that patient's individual physiology. What works for one patient may not work for another, so there might be some trial and error associated in the beginning stages.

Generally speaking, cannabis strains with high amounts of both THC and CBD will be most effective in pain treatment. This is especially true for intractable pain conditions, including those associated with MS and cancer.

According to the Cannabis Pharmacy written by Michael Backes, aside from THC and CBD, CBG has been found to act as a stronger analgesic compared to THC; and THCV, which is not as psychoactive as THC, has also been shown to reduce intense pain.

  • Beta-Myrcene: the earthy aroma found in certain strains. Research has revealed that myrcene has anti-inflammatory properties, suggesting it can be used to treat chronic pain conditions, especially migraines and arthritis.

  • Beta-Caryophyllene: the peppery aroma found in certain strains. There is extensive research that has shown beta-caryophyllene's analgesic properties.

  • Linalool: the floral aroma found in certain strains. It is believed that linalool's antioxidant properties target the immune system to halt its inflammatory response.

  • Alpha-Pinene: the piney aroma found in certain strains. Studies have shown pinene to display anti-inflammatory potential.

  • D-Limonene: the citrusy aroma found in certain strains. Research has found limonene is ideal for chronic pain relief, especially following surgeries.

CY+ Dispensary Helps Chronic Pain Patient
A chronic pain patient makes her first visit to CY+ dispensary in Wintersville

Generalized Pain:

• ACDC, or other high-CBD and high-THC strains.

• Blackberry Kush, or other heavy THC-dominant strains.

Inflammation and Arthritis:

• Harlequin, or other high-CBD strains.

• Blue Widow, or other strains with high levels of beta-caryophyllene.

Headaches and Migraines:

• Purple Arrow, or strains that balance heavy pain relief and uplifting euphoria.

• Blueberry Headband, or other Headband strains known for delivering focused headache relief.


• Redwood Kush, or a woody forest aroma strain with hefty amounts of THC.

• Dynamite, or high-THC strains.

Spinal Injury Pain:

• Cataract Kush, or other high potency strains.

• Afghani-based strains, or other high cannabinoid content strains.

Oral Administration (edibles, tinctures, & capsules): edibles are known for the long-lasting and intense relief provided, while tinctures are known to provide a similar level of relief while allowing more control over dosing. This makes oral cannabis products a preferred option for many patients that don't want to have to constantly use cannabis to get relief, and are especially helpful for nighttime use. It is recommended to use edibles and tinctures containing both THC and CBD. *Note: a cannabis dosage has a "sweet spot" for pain relief, so make sure that you are not exceeding the optimal dose for relief.*

Vaporization: using cannabis in a vaporizer will provide more immediate onset relief compared to other forms, however the relief will not last as long, so vaporization can be utilized for immediate relief but not necessarily long-term relief.

Topicals (lotions & patches): topical cannabis can relieve pain for up to two hours, and sometimes longer, however it is to be used on localized pain areas (such as a joint or nerve) and the preparation should have high-THC and also some CBD.

Can Cannabis Help Me Get Off/Wean Opioids?

Medical Marijuana vs. Opioids
Medical Marijuana Can Help Opioid Abuse

As Ohio continues to face the opioid and heroin crisis, it is incredibly important that patients are aware that cannabis can serve as a safe and natural treatment option for chronic pain. Research from other state-approved medical marijuana programs has shown about a 25 percent lower rate of prescription painkiller overdose deaths on average.

This is significant, as in 2017 there were 46.3 drug overdose deaths per 100,000 in Ohio - the second-highest rate of overdose deaths in the entire country.

If you're still wary of trying medical marijuana, don't hesitate to give our Patient Support Center a call at (866-457-5559). Our team is trained to answer any and all questions you may have, address any concerns, and help you obtain access to medical marijuana treatment in Ohio!


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Click here to learn more about what Ohio Marijuana Card's state-certified medical marijuana doctors can do for you, or give us a call at (866-457-5559) and our friendly support team can walk you through the entire process, and set you up with an appointment.

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