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  • Jordan T. Smith

Medical Marijuana is a Bargain Compared to Black Market Marijuana in Ohio

Since the introduction of legal medical marijuana sales in Ohio in 2019, one of the biggest complaints from patients has been price. This is likely one of the main reasons the illicit market for cannabis in Ohio continues to thrive. However, even though cannabis prices on the illicit market were much lower than dispensary prices at one point in time, things have changed.

In the current moment, medical marijuana prices are either similar to or outright cheaper than marijuana purchased on the illicit market. The figures provided by state that the cost of an ounce of cannabis flower on the illicit market in Ohio ranges anywhere from $200 to $430.

As of December 2021, dispensaries in Ohio are selling full ounces of medical marijuana for between $190 and $390. Adding the potential fines that come with the legal ramifications of being busted with illegal cannabis in Ohio, the current price of legal medical marijuana could easily be perceived as a bargain.

An overwhelming amount of cannabis enthusiasts in Ohio deeply believe that there’s no point in obtaining a medical marijuana card, even when they likely qualify for one. That’s the case because purchasing from their local supplier often provides perks like family or friend pricing and some social interaction upon making a purchase.

Even though some people benefit from lower prices from friends or family members, they still miss out on the variety and quality that comes from the cannabis sold at Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries. More benefits that come with obtaining a medical marijuana card and making medical marijuana purchases from Ohio dispensaries include:

Making Medical Marijuana Purchases is Legal at Dispensaries in Ohio

The days of checking over your shoulder in fear of Johnny Law after purchasing marijuana are long-gone thanks to Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries. Purchasing medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries is totally legal in the State of Ohio so long as you have a medical marijuana card.

In fact, medical marijuana patients don’t even have to worry about being stopped as long as they have their medication stored out of reach in a safe place, and they aren’t under the influence of or consuming marijuana while operating a vehicle.

You Know What To Expect After Every Purchase

Purchasing cannabis from unlicensed suppliers typically leaves customers with limited options. In many cases, there’s no promise in regards to quality, potency, purity, or strain. Complicating matters further is the risk associated with purchasing marijuana products that are contaminated with harmful chemicals due to a lack of regulation.

On the contrary, patients who visit Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries for their cannabis purchases may feel like children in a candy shop given all of the variety available. There are dozens and dozens of products available in a wide array of forms and strains at the vast majority of Ohio dispensaries.

Patients have access to not just marijuana flower and concentrates, but vape cartridges, tinctures, edibles, beverages, topicals and extracts like live resin, rosin and wax, too.

Each product has clear labeling that includes vital information like THC and CBD contents, terpenes, testing labs and harvest & expiration dates. Patients who make medical marijuana purchases from Ohio dispensaries can also rest assured that their cannabis products don’t contain dangerous pesticides, fertilizers or toxins.

Premium Quality Products

The regulation standards that medical marijuana cultivators must adhere to provides patients with both high quality products, along with labeling transparency. The processors and cultivators that sell their products in Ohio dispensaries are selected based on their ability to consistently provide patients with premium medical marijuana products that provide patients with therapeutic relief they rely on to lead happy, healthy lives.

Medical Marijuana Products Designed to Provide Relief

The simple fact that you enjoy taking your medicine doesn’t mean that your medicine is just for enjoyment, and shouldn’t have real medicinal value. Medical marijuana has numerous therapeutic benefits, hence why it’s legal to obtain a medical marijuana card in Ohio. The accessibility to such a wide variety of medical marijuana products allows Ohioans to select the right products in the correct form, with the correct mixture of cannabinoids and terpenes to overcome the ailments they’re dealing with.

Read through the following resources to get more insights about how to choose the right cannabis strains and products to meet your expectations:

Don’t Restrict Yourself to Black Market Marijuana - Obtain Your Medical Marijuana Card Today

Even though continuing to purchase marijuana on the illicit market may seem like no big deal, continuing to do so can be costly in numerous ways. There’s the chance that marijuana products obtained over the black market have contaminants that can be harmful to your long-term health and it likely isn’t as fresh or as potent as the medical marijuana purchased at Ohio dispensaries.

The legal ramifications that come with being caught with illegal marijuana are another reason for cannabis enthusiasts to make an appointment with a medical marijuana physician online today. This allows them to receive a medical marijuana card, which makes it possible to experience the many benefits of purchasing cannabis available on the shelves at dispensaries instead of relying on the illicit market.


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