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The Top 5 Edibles You Must Try During Quarantine

a photo of marijuana lying next to chocolate chip cookies
Ohio Dispensaries Must-Try Edibles

There is no better time than right now to try new things, whether its with your medical cannabis or even a new hobby to keep yourself busy. It's common for patients to stick to the same products because once we know what works well, it's scary to try different products with the fear of them not working as intended. "Go-Packs" are a convenient alternative for patients to try a small amount of a new edible, instead of buying an entire bottle/container of it before knowing how it will work for you to treat your qualifying condition. Ohio Marijuana Card has put together our top 5 "must-try" edibles for your quarantine.

1. Firelands Scientific Berry Granola Squares

These guys normally come in packs of two and range in price from $8-$12 depending on your dispensary. They go perfect when sprinkled on top of oatmeal!

2. Wana Gummies

The Blueberry Indica ones are believed to taste the best, but maybe you'd rather try one of the 1:1 Strawberry Lemonade ones to help you better throughout your workday?

3. Breakfast Bar

These are new to dispensaries! The breakfast bars are 25mg and are made my Wellspring Fields. Would you wake up with this kind of breakfast bar?

4. Chocolate Bar

Is chocolate your quarantine craving? Buckeye Reliefs (milk and dark) chocolate bars are the perfect edible for satisfying your sweet tooth, as well as providing pain relief! These are available in go-packs, as well as in larger amounts at Ohio dispensaries.

5. Buckeyes

Name a better trio other than pb, chocolate, and THC.. i'll wait! Buckeyes are available in four packs and are made by Wellspring Fields.

There are lots of sweet & sour treats available at Ohio Dispensaries that have not been shared in this list, so make sure to check out our dispensary pricing page to see whats available near you today!

Due to Covid-19, Ohio Dispensaries are now offering call ahead and curbside pickup options to limit time spent inside the dispensary. Click here to see if a dispensary near you is offering any of these special services!


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