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Treat Symptoms With the Right Products to Save Money at Ohio Cannabis Dispensaries

When you qualify for an Ohio marijuana card, you have access to an exciting variety of products, and there is something for nearly every symptom, lifestyle and preference. But one concern many patients have is the price of products at Ohio dispensaries.

That’s why we’ve put together this Dispensary Savings Guide to help you make the most of your medical marijuana budget in 2022. We’ve also broken the information down in a series of blog posts.

In this post, we’re going to help you understand how to decide which products to consider for your symptoms, which will in turn save you money at Ohio dispensaries by ensuring your medical marijuana is effective with every dose.

One of the best practices for proper medical marijuana usage is getting an understanding of the different properties they provide. Certain strains and types of cannabis provide differing results which plays a role in how much a patient should use.

Patients may discover that although the up front cost of a certain product is high, it may not take as much to provide the desired results. For more facts about how to choose the correct medical marijuana products for your ailments, continue reading below.

Which Medical Marijuana Products are Right for You?

Cannabis Flower (Dry Herb): Fast, Short-Term Relief

Ideal For:

Cannabis buds typically have the most to offer in regards to the entourage effect. The lack of processing saves the fragile terpenes. Vaporizing cannabis with a device that has more than one temperature setting can provide additional benefits to patients.

Even though that’s the case, the therapeutic relief that cannabis buds provide often dissipates quicker than with other items including oils and topicals. Patients who experience discomfort on a more consistent basis will likely need to use more flower in order to achieve their desired results.

Medical Marijuana Vape Oil Cartridges: Fast Relief for Moderate to Extreme Symptoms

Ideal For:

Medical marijuana patients should keep in mind that the cannabis oils in cartridges purchased at dispensaries experience more processing which removes some of the terpenes present in dry herb marijuana. Regardless, cannabis vape cartridges still possess a higher cannabinoid concentration than the vast majority of buds on sale at dispensaries. That plays a crucial role in making them highly effective at dealing with symptoms that cause serious discomfort.

Making matters better for patients who deal with those more severe symptoms is the fact that live resin cartridges are available at Ohio dispensaries. Live resin cartridges were processed in a fashion that saves the natural components of the cannabis crop.

The best way to maximize the benefits of medical marijuana cartridges is to use a vaporizer that comes with more than one temperature setting. That’s the case for both live resin or any other type of medical marijuana cartridge.

Cannabis Concentrates and Extracts: Longer Relief for Serious Discomfort

Ideal For:

Cannabis extracts, also referred to by many as concentrates, are often filled with just as many terpenes as cannabis buds. Some items contain an infusion of terpene sauce which provides enhanced added terpenes.

Cannabis extracts are available in numerous forms which include shatter, sugar, budder, pearls, sauce and RSO (Rick Simpson Oil). The concentration of THC in extracts is typically fairly high. Additionally, they provide increased levels of medical relief to patients dealing with debilitating symptoms.

The advice that all patients receive when starting treatments with a cannabis product they’ve yet to try is to start slow with small doses. That’s especially suggested with cannabis concentrates. RSO possesses THC concentrations at roughly 65mg per dose, and surprising yourself with that when trying it for the first time could lead to unwanted side-effects.

Medical Marijuana Tinctures: Long-Term Relief for Light to Severe Discomfort

Ideal for:

Cannabis tinctures are a preferred item for patients who are in need of more persistent relief as the day goes on. Many tinctures are prepared with THC:CBD concentrations capable of increasing the relief patients receive without the unwanted intoxicating side effects.

When cannabis tinctures are consumed sublingually, they absorb into the bloodstream instantly through the delicate tissue underneath the tongue. Patients typically begin to feel their effects take hold after about 20 minutes to an hour. They typically provide relief for between two and six hours.

Medical marijuana tinctures are an amazing option for patients dealing with chronic nausea, who don’t like inhaling cannabis. Since the active compounds are absorbed beneath the tongue instead of through the digestive system like edibles, they don’t cause as much stomach irritation, if any at all.

Medical Marijuana Edibles: Longest-Term Relief for Moderate to Extreme Discomfort

Ideal For:

When cannabis-infused edibles initially arrived on the shelves of Ohio dispensaries they intimidated lots of patients. They often contained THC levels that were more than patients with lower tolerances could handle. It doesn’t help that getting the correct dosage is also harder with edibles given the delayed onset of their therapeutic benefits.

Fortunately for patients now, there is a greater variety of edibles, including ones that come in smaller dosages. Additionally, lots of edible products for sale at medical marijuana dispensaries in Ohio contain a mixture of cannabinoids and terpenes that are crucial in minimizing undesired side effects.

Cannabis-infused edibles can be especially vital in providing therapeutic relief to patients living with many of the ailments that allow Ohioans access to medical marijuana. They also provide therapeutic benefits that last. Patients dealing with symptoms that are higher in severity benefit from taking a dosage with a higher potency level. Those seeking to overcome moderate symptoms benefit from choosing a lower dosage item.

Cannabis Topicals: Temporary to Extended Relief for Medium Discomfort

Ideal For:

Cannabis topicals are an ideal choice for medical marijuana patients seeking to treat chronic pain that won’t cause impairment of any kind. There are multiple types of topicals to choose from which include balms that provide fast relief and patches that offer prolonged, intense levels of relief.

Get Medical Marijuana Products That Can Help Alleviate Your AIlments Today - Obtain Your Medical Marijuana Card Now!

Medical marijuana can be especially effective when patients choose the correct products for their ailments. Ohio dispensaries are filled with products that each possess special qualities that can be instrumental in helping patients overcome medical conditions of all types.

Getting approved for medical marijuana is easy, too. All it takes to get the natural relief you deserve from discomfort, is to make an appointment with a kind, caring medical marijuana doctor in Ohio who can approve you for a medical card today. Doing so is a decision that you’ll be glad you made!


Doctors Who Care.

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Here at Ohio Marijuana Card, our goal is to help everyone achieve wellness safely and conveniently through increased access to medical marijuana. Our focus on education, inclusion, and acceptance will reduce the stigma for our patients by providing equal access to timely information and compassionate care.

If you have any questions, call us at (866) 457-5559, or simply book a medical marijuana evaluation to start getting relief you can trust today!

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