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  • Jordan T. Smith

Using Medical Marijuana Properly Can Save You Money at Ohio Dispensaries

The vast majority of medical marijuana patients are unaware of the fact that they are missing out on medicinal benefits when they use their products improperly. This can quickly rack up the price of your medicine, because you need more of it to get real relief.

Making sure you are vaping at the proper temperature, taking your tincture sublingually rather than swallowing it, and eating a meal at the optimal time in relation to taking edibles can go a long way toward getting the most out of your medical marijuana with every dose.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what you need to know about using your cannabis products properly to squeeze out every ounce of relief medical marijuana has to offer.

Vaping Medical Marijuana: What’s the Best Temperature?

Take vaping medical marijuana buds at high temperatures for example. Even though the high temperatures are necessary for the satisfaction that comes with huge, billowing clouds of smoke, vaping marijuana too hot can burn off terpenes and cannabinoids that provide your therapeutic value. The same goes for medical marijuana cartridges.

Certain terpenes and cannabinoids get melted away at specific temperatures. It’s crucial to take note of the terpenes present in your strain of choice to decide on what the best temp is for your vaporizer.

Vaporizer cartridge units sold with the battery included are usually preset at the recommended temperature for medical marijuana cartridges. Those that aren’t sold with a battery included are for vaporizing dry herb marijuana, which means medical marijuana patients are required to set temperatures for themselves.

Certain vaporizing devices come with just two temperature settings. In that situation, it’s helpful to remember that it should be set low for strains containing terpenes that get vaporized at 225 degrees or below, and to set it high for strains containing terpenes that vaporize at temps greater than 225 degrees.

Edibles: Is it Best to Eat Beforehand?

One of the most frequently asked questions among medical marijuana patients is whether it’s best to eat before consuming a medical marijuana edible or to eat them on an empty stomach. The factors that answer that question are typically personal experience and tolerance levels.

For patients that do choose to eat a meal prior to consuming medical marijuana edibles it's important to make sure the meal doesn’t do anything to stop absorption. It’s also important not to overeat.

The Best Way to Consume Tinctures is Sublingually

For maximum benefits, patients should consume medical marijuana tinctures sublingually. Doing so makes it so that the active compounds in the product can be absorbed straight into a patient’s bloodstream. Taking a tincture sublingually entails squeezing the wanted dose, then holding it beneath the tongue. It should be kept there for at least 30 seconds prior to swallowing.

Topicals Should Be Applied to Clear Skin

Medical marijuana topicals help patients deal with medical ailments when the active compounds they possess are absorbed through the skin. When using medical marijuana balms and lotions, patients need to ensure that the skin is clean so the compounds have the clearest path to absorption possible.

One way of doing that is by taking a warm shower or bath prior to using cannabis topicals because doing so can open up the pores. Patients who prefer to use medical marijuana transdermal patches should ensure that the area the patch is being applied is free of oils, dirt and moisture prior to application.

Legal Access to Medical Marijuana in Ohio is Being Granted - Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Today

Medical marijuana offers a myriad of benefits to patients, but only when used properly. When medical marijuana products aren’t used correctly, patients often end up spending more than they need to because they aren’t receiving the relief they desire. When patients get approved for medical marijuana, they’re able to get best practices and tips on how to use medical marijuana products from experts at dispensaries.

For more insights about the benefits that come with using medical marijuana properly, schedule an appointment with a medical marijuana physician in Ohio today.


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