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How to Make the Most of Your Medical Marijuana Budget: Saving at Ohio Dispensaries

If you think that discounts are the only way to stretch your medical marijuana budget, think again! There are numerous measures for Ohio medical marijuana patients to take that can be vital in helping to maintain a modest medical marijuana budget without sacrificing the relief that it provides. For insights on ways to minimize the cost of medical marijuana in Ohio while still receiving its therapeutic benefits, keep reading.

Ensure That Medical Marijuana Products Are Properly Stored

Making sure that medical marijuana is stored the right way helps make sure that the quality doesn’t decrease over time. The ideal storage method for medical marijuana varies depending on the type of product that’s being used. While the process of identifying the best storage methods for your medical marijuana may present more work, it will be worth it in the end.

That’s because the medical marijuana products that you’ve purchased will be just as fresh at the end of their lifespan as they were in the beginning.

Preserving Cannabis Buds (Marijuana Flower)

Cannabis buds are among the more fragile types of medical marijuana products in terms of quality levels tailing off as time passes. Cannabis dehydrates the terpenes present deplete upon exposure to too much air. Another threat to the quality of cannabis is mold due to too much moisture or humidity in the air..

Medical marijuana patients with some extra spending money should think about purchasing a Cannador system capable of providing compact storage along with the correct humidity levels. While the Cannador system is an excellent device for preservation, sealing cannabis into a tightly enclosed container before placing it in a dark, cool area works too.

Preserving Medical Marijuana Tinctures

Tinctures are the medical marijuana products with the longest shelf-life. Medical marijuana tinctures can remain usable for a year or longer with hardly any deterioration. All patients need to do is keep the tincture in its container. Refrigerating medical marijuana tinctures is an option as well, but it isn’t completely necessary.

Storing Medical Marijuana Vape Cartridges

Preserving vape cartridges isn’t as difficult since they come pre-packaged with protection from air exposure. One of the most crucial concepts to keep in mind regarding preserving medical marijuana cartridges is that they should be kept in an upright position and away from light and heat. Also keep in mind that although vape cartridges can sustain cold temps, they shouldn’t be frozen.

Preserving Medical Marijuana Edibles

One of the best ways medical marijuana patients can ensure that their edibles remain fresh until they finish eating them is to make sure they’re being preserved correctly. Cannabutter and other cannabis-infused cooking oils typically last longer than any other types of edible products, and can be preserved long-term in a freezer.

Gummies and candy-type edibles are a different story. These types of edibles need to be stored in a tightly compressed container in a dark, cool location. Baked edibles are similar. The only difference is that due to the prospect of excessive drying and mold, they should be eaten relatively soon after being made instead of being preserved long-term.

Preserving Medical Marijuana Extracts and Concentrates

When it comes to short term preservation of medical marijuana extracts and concentrates, patients can’t go wrong with a silicone container. The biggest thing to be aware of when it comes to medical marijuana concentrates and extracts is ensuring that they’re kept away from high temps.

As far as storage for extended periods of time goes, wrapping the concentrates in parchment paper before placing them in a tight container and sealing the container into a reusable, airtight bag. Freezing medical marijuana concentrates can be done, but precautions need to be taken in order to avoid moisture since condensation can decrease their quality.

Refrain From Building a Tolerance Against Medical Marijuana

Regular medical marijuana usage can lead to developing a tolerance towards it. That means it will likely require more medication to achieve the same results you’re used to. Developing a tolerance can become costly, quick. Patients discovering that their medical marijuana isn’t providing the same therapeutic benefits as in the past may want to consider making some adjustments to their routine in order to improve their results.

Use the Minimum Amount Required to Achieve the Relief You’re Seeking

One of the first tips we give patients is to start slow and steady with medical marijuana usage. Ensuring that patients regularly receive the relief they desire without developing a tolerance entails always taking the smallest amount needed to achieve relief.

Change Strains

Among the many benefits that come with having such a wide range of options for medical marijuana available for sale to patients is that finding the ideal strain for certain symptoms is easy for everyone. But although that’s the case, continually relying on the same strain can speed the process of building a tolerance faster than you’d probably like.

The best way to avoid this situation is to alternate use of different strains that possess similar characteristics to your go-to. One way to do that is by seeking out strains that possess a similar terpene profile to the strain you’re hoping to take a break from.

This way you can still be sure that you’ll get the relief you need. Maybe trying out different strains will lead to the discovery of your next favorite medical marijuana strain!

Switch to Another Type of Medical Marijuana Product

Other types of medical marijuana respond to the body differently than flower. In the case where flower simply doesn’t get the job done anymore, try making the switch to concentrates or tinctures.

The Right Way to Use Medical Marijuana Products

The vast majority of medical marijuana patients are unaware of how much of their money goes to waste by improperly using the cannabis products they buy.

Take vaping for example. Even though vaping dry herb at high temperatures produces the satisfaction of huge clouds of smoke, the medicinal value is lost. That’s because the terpenes and cannabinoids actively providing therapeutic relief get burned off at high temperatures. The same concept is true with medical marijuana vape cartridges.

Medical Marijuana Products Consumed By Inhalation Should Be Heated at the Correct Temps

The cannabinoids and terpenes present within medical marijuana products all burn off at different temperatures. That’s why it’s important for medical marijuana patients to determine what temperature to heat their products on based on the terpenes in their strain of choice.

Most cartridge kits that are sold with the battery already connected are usually preset at the best temperature for the consumption of medical marijuana cartridges. For vaporizers that are sold independently of the battery, and for dry-herb vaping, patients need to set the temperature levels themselves.

A lot of vaporizers on the market only come with two temperature settings. The practice to keep in mind in this scenario is to program the device to the lowest temperature for terpenes that vaporize at 225 degrees fahrenheit or lower. The device should be programmed to a higher temperature to burn terpenes that vaporize at temperatures higher than 225 degrees fahrenheit.

Medical Marijuana Edibles: Eat Before Taking?

One of the most common questions among medical marijuana patients when it comes to medical marijuana edibles is whether or not it’s appropriate to eat a meal prior to consuming them. The best way to answer that is to say that it depends on the patient’s tolerance for medical marijuana.

The important things to keep in mind if you do choose to eat prior to consuming edibles are to refrain from overeating, and to avoid unhealthy snack foods that can impede absorption of the cannabinoids present in your edibles.

The Best Way to Consume Medical Marijuana Tinctures is Sublingually

In order to get the most relief possible from medical marijuana tinctures, patients should drop them underneath the tongue. Doing this makes it easier for the compounds present within the tincture to be absorbed straight into the bloodstream.

In order to sublingually consume a medical marijuana tincture, patients should drop the dosage underneath their tongues, then hold it there for at least 30 seconds. After holding it in place for roughly 30-60 seconds, it’s time to swallow the tincture.

Place Medical Marijuana Topicals on Clear Skin

When it comes to the active compounds in medical marijuana topicals, they’re predominantly absorbed via the skin. Taking a hot shower or bath before application is recommended in order to open up the pores.

The rule of thumb to keep in mind for transdermal patch usage is to ensure that the skin doesn’t have any dirt or oil on it before putting the patch on.

Keep Medical Marijuana Costs Low By Using the Correct Cannabis Products for Medical Ailments

Patients receive differing therapeutic benefits from medical marijuana based on factors like the strain, and type of product they’re using. These factors also determine how much medical marijuana patients should use.

An important caveat that patients should remember is that even though the up-front cost of a specific strain or product may be higher than anticipated, it may last longer given that it won’t take as much to achieve the desired levels of relief.

Cannabis Flower: Temporary Therapeutic Benefits for Light to Medium Discomfort

Ideal For:

Cannabis flower typically offers patients the most capabilities in regards to the entourage effect. A lack of processing preserves the fragile terpenes. Also, dry herb vaporizers usually allow patients to take advantage of multiple temperature settings which can go a long way in achieving the results patients are seeking.

However, the benefits that come as a result of inhaling cannabis often wear away faster than edibles and tinctures. What that means is that you will likely need to use flower more often if you experience symptoms that need more persistent relief.

Vape Cartridges: Temporary Relief for Medium to High Discomfort

Ideal For:

Due to the fact that medical marijuana vape cartridges possess oils that rely more on processing, they don’t possess some of the terpenes present in dry-herb. Even though that’s the case, they often contain very high concentrations of cannabinoids in comparison to the vast majority of flower on sale at Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries. This aspect makes them great for helping to manage greater levels of discomfort.

Furthermore, live resin cartridges are produced in a manner that saves more of the natural components of the cannabis plant. Vape devices that contain more than one temperature setting are instrumental in helping patients maximize their cartridges. That’s the case for both live resin or any other form of vape oil cartridges.

Medical Marijuana Infused Edibles: Extended Relief for Medium to High Discomfort

Ideal For:

One word to describe the reaction to medical marijuana edibles becoming available for sale legally in Ohio is intimidating. That’s because in the beginning they often contained a THC content exceeding the tolerance threshold of many patients that have a lower tolerance. This presents difficulties in consuming appropriate dosages.

Now, edibles are available in smaller doses. To the benefit of patients, lots of the edibles on sale at Ohio dispensaries contain a balance of cannabinoids and terpenes capable of decreasing side effects that are undesired.

Edibles are typically highly effective when it comes to providing relief for the vast majority of the conditions patients in Ohio’s medical marijuana program are living with. They often provide long-lasting therapeutic benefits. Patients who suffer from symptoms that are debilitating benefit from taking edibles with a higher potency level. Patience dealing with more moderate symptoms would likely prefer a product that offers a lower dosage.

Medical Marijuana Topicals: Temporary to Extended Relief for Mild to Moderate Symptoms

Ideal For:

Cannabis topicals are a highly effective choice for patients seeking ways to treat their chronic pain without experiencing the intoxicating side-effects. They come in numerous forms that include lotions and balms for fast relief, while patches are used for stronger relief for extended periods.

Medical Marijuana Tinctures: Middle-Ground Relief for Medium Grade Symptoms

Ideal For:

Cannabis tinctures are a popular choice among patients desiring unvaried relief during the day. Tinctures typically possess more CBD:THC concentrations that increase medicinal effects while keeping impairment levels low. Sublingually consuming medical marijuana tinctures allows them to be absorbed precisely into the bloodstream via the thin tissues underneath the tongue.

Patients usually start feeling the effects of medical marijuana tinctures roughly 20 minutes to an hour after consumption. The effects often last from anywhere between two and six hours.

Medical marijuana tinctures are an amazing option for patients that prefer not to inhale cannabis. And since the active compounds are absorbed underneath the tongue instead of through the digestive system, patients won’t have to worry about an upset stomach.

Don’t Let Finances Stop You From Experiencing the Relief You Deserve - Get Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card Today

Fears about exceeding a budget on medical marijuana are valid. Even though it’s understandable to worry about, prices have gone down since the program first began in 2019. There are more opportunities than ever to minimize spending at Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries, and you may also save money through having a more effective source of relief that has fewer unwanted side effects than most OTC or prescription medications.

Taking that into consideration, scheduling an appointment with an Ohio medical marijuana physician could lead to saving money in the long run, while receiving better relief than you could have ever imagined.


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