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Standard Wellness Announces New Partnership with SLANG

Updated: Mar 19

Standard Wellness partners with SLANG Worldwide
Standard Wellness has announced a partnership with SLANG Worldwide Inc.

Exciting news as Ohio medical marijuana patients will soon have access to a new product line of medical marijuana products in Ohio dispensaries! Standard Wellness, a level 1 cultivator and processor in Gibsonburg, Ohio, announced today that it has been granted an exclusive license to produce and distribute the SLANG product line in Ohio.

Who is SLANG?

SLANG Worldwide is a global leader in the cannabis 'consumer packaged goods' sector with a vast portfolio of popular brands distributed in over 2,600 stores across the United States. SLANG is listed under the Canadian Securities Exchange in addition to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, truly making SLANG a worldwide cannabis leader.

Possible Products Coming to Ohio

SLANG has a number of brands under its portfolio, describing a diverse brand portfolio that "includes some of the highest selling cannabis products of all time."

SLANG Worldwide brand portfolio
SLANG Worldwide has a number of recognized brands under its porfolio

Some of the brands that SLANG highlights on its website includes:

  • Pressies - series of wellness supplements that contain nutraceuticals and cannabis oil providing ENERGY or FOCUS or SLEEP

  • Bakked - high-quality extracted cannabis oil; high-potency, fully-activated distillate oil paired with terpene preservation technology

  • District Edibles - low in sugar, fat, and gluten-free gummy edibles

  • Craft RESERVE - concentrated vape cartridges sourced from strains gathered from top growers across the country

  • And others, including Ish, Firefly, Magic Buzz, Strain Hunters, Green House Seed Co., Organa Brands, and Agripharm.

Other Standard Wellness Partnerships

This is not the first partnership that Standard Wellness has been able to secure for Ohio patients. The first partnership Standard Wellness released in Ohio dispensaries was transdermal patches processed based on Manna-brand's patented formulations.

Standard Wellness partnership with Manna transdermal patches
Standard Wellness currently has a partnership with Manna to produce transdermal patches

To learn more about Standard Wellness, including products currently available in Ohio dispensaries, be sure to check out our Standard Wellness page by clicking here. You can also visit Standard Wellness' website to learn more, including operations based out of Utah and - most recently - Missouri.

To find the closest dispensary location to you, check out our Ohio Dispensary Locations page that has pages for each individual dispensary that highlights the contact information and pricing at the dispensary. Additionally, we also have Patient Resources available including Best Dispensary Prices, Dispensary Discounts & Deals, and Ohio Dispensary Menus.


If you are an Ohioan suffering from one of these 21 medical conditions you may be eligible to treat your ailment with medical marijuana, which includes both THC and CBD products.

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