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What is F.E.C.O. Cannabis Oil?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Full Extract Cannabis Oil
FECO (cannabis oil) is Full Extract Cannabis Oil

New forms of cannabis concentrates continue to be introduced to Ohio's medical marijuana program! Most recently, Cure Ohio began processing F.E.C.O., also know as Full Extract Cannabis Oil. Often mistaken for RSO - also called Rick Simpson Oil - due to its similarities, FECO has become the industry's preferred label for this type of cannabis concentrate; while RSO is extracted from isopropyl alcohol, FECO is made with grain alcohol or ethanol, according to West Word.

FECO is a highly concentrated, whole-plant extract that is known to provide one of the broadest spectrums of cannabinoids and terpenes available - the components responsible for the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Due to this fact, many consider FECO to be one of the most potent and versatile medical cannabis treatment options as it offers the largest range of cannabinoids and terpenes to boost each other's effects based on the entourage effect.

FECO Oil and Capsules
FECO most often is prepared in the form of an edible oil syringe or supplemental capsules

FECO is a dark, thick looking oil that is most often packaged in syringes to squeeze the oil out in a metered dosage. The amazing thing about FECO is that it requires very little actual product for treatment, as patients generally only need a rice-grain-sized dose to last for most of the day. It is important to note that, due to the extraction process of FECO and RSO, these products are not designed for vaporization; instead, patients can use FECO and RSO topically or orally. Consuming orally will likely provide more potent relief, however topicals can be utilized for conditions and symptomatic relief for more localized areas.

FECO Cannabis Oil
FECO has a dark and thick consistency

One of the most common questions surrounding FECO and RSO due to its dark and thick coloration is how to tell if the product is clean and high-quality. Without testing laboratory results, it can be nearly impossible to differentiate between high-quality and low-quality products prior to trying it for the first time. This is why it is so valuable that any cannabis product purchased in an Ohio dispensary will have access to testing results.

FECO and RSO are most often utilized by those patients that need significant pain and inflammation relief, in addition to cancer, HIV/AIDS, and any type of wasting syndrome patients that can benefit from more concentrated amounts of THC. If you are unsure if FECO or RSO is right for you and your condition, don't hesitate to call our Patient Support Center at (866-457-5559) and ask to speak with your recommending doctor. At this time, the only processor in Ohio that is producing RSO is Wellspring Fields, and the only processor producing FECO is Cure Ohio ("Cokoh").

To find the closest dispensary location to you, check out our Ohio Dispensary Locations page that have pages for each individual dispensary that highlights the contact information and pricing at the dispensary. Additionally, we also have Patient Resources available including Best Dispensary Prices, Dispensary Discounts & Deals, and Ohio Dispensary Menus.


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