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Pure Ohio Wellness Offers Affordable Medical Cannabis Options

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Ohio Marijuana Card Cultivator Highlight: Pure Ohio Wellness
Pure Ohio Wellness is a Level 1 cultivator and processor that also holds three dispensary licenses in Ohio.

We often hear from patients that go to out-of-state dispensaries that Ohio's flower quality is next to none. The problem for patients so far in Ohio's medical marijuana program has been the higher-than-average pricing on medical cannabis products that make it difficult for patients to afford consistent medication.

At Ohio Marijuana Card, we do our very best to identify and announce Ohio's lowest dispensary pricing, product-by-product. One of the most featured dispensaries on that list: Pure Ohio Wellness.

Pure Ohio Wellness is a vertical cannabis operator, meaning that it holds licenses for cultivation, processing, as well as three total dispensary licenses. Most consequentially, the vertical integration of Pure Ohio Wellness, in addition to its close proximity between cultivation and dispensary locations, allows Pure Ohio Wellness to offer some of the consistently lowest prices on flower in Ohio's burgeoning medical marijuana program.

To date, Pure Ohio Wellness has cultivated over 30 unique cannabis strains that have been chosen based around Ohio's list of qualifying conditions, in addition to intimate knowledge of some of the top genetics and phenotypes available. This has allowed Pure Ohio Wellness to produce high-quality cannabis flower that is terpene-rich to provide the symptomatic relief that patients are looking for.

It would be enough for Pure Ohio Wellness to simply produce high-quality medical cannabis products, but Pure Ohio Wellness' patient-centric focus has motivated the Pure Ohio Wellness team to drop pricing to the most consistently low-priced flower products in the entire state. While Pure Ohio Wellness seems to offer the lowest pricing at its dispensary locations, any dispensary that carries Pure Ohio Wellness should also have the pricing set at a reasonable rate, especially Tier 1 flower options (less than 23% THC).

Pure Ohio Wellness Packaging
Pure Ohio Wellness flower packaging in 2.83 gram ("Ohio Tenth"), 8.49 gram, and 28.3 gram jars.

Generally speaking, Pure Ohio Wellness dispensary locations offer a daily discounted strain of $18/tenth, which is currently the lowest priced tenth in the state. In addition to this low pricing, Pure Ohio Wellness also offers a 10% discount on any ounce purchase, meaning you can walk out of the dispensary with a $162 ounce plus tax; and that does not even mention the 20% discount for veterans and 10% discount for indigent status patients on any purchases! With discount days, it is even possible to find an ounce of Pure Ohio Wellness flower for as low as $99 before tax! It is always advised to get to the dispensary early in the day as there is limited stock on these low-priced options due to the demand - patients drive across the state to visit Pure Ohio Wellness dispensaries.

In addition to Pure Ohio Wellness' low-priced and affordable flower selection, Pure Ohio Wellness also hosts a number of processed products from processors such as Buckeye Relief, Grow Ohio (Butterfly Effect), Standard Wellness, Wellspring Fields, Beneleaves and Cure Ohio (Cokoh). The products range from edibles and tinctures, to concentrates, to topicals and patches.

Most recently, Pure Ohio Wellness debuted a brand new product line under the name "Locally Grown" that is designed to be consistent, lower-priced options of patient favorite strains!

As stated above, due to Pure Ohio Wellness' vertical-integration the Pure Ohio Wellness dispensary locations will almost always offer the lowest prices on its products. There are currently two operational Pure Ohio Wellness dispensaries:

(1) Dayton - 1875 Needmore Road, Dayton, OH 45414

Phone: (937-519-1420)

Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday from 10AM - 7PM & Sundays from 12PM - 5PM

Pure Ohio Wellness - Dayton Dispensary Exterior
Pure Ohio Wellness - Dayton is located at 1875 Needmore Road.

(2) Springfield - 1711 W. Main Street, Springfield, OH 45504

Phone: (937-471-4142)

Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday from 10AM - 7PM & Sundays from 12PM - 5PM

Pure Ohio Wellness - Springfield Dispensary Exterior
Pure Ohio Wellness - Springfield is located at 1711 W. Main Street.

(3) Pure Ohio Wellness will also have a future dispensary located at 920 US-42 West in London, Ohio. The London dispensary location is the first additional dispensary license to be awarded in Ohio's program since the first provisional licenses were announced in 2018! Pure Ohio Wellness is currently working to get that dispensary open within the next couple of months, at the earliest.

To learn more about Pure Ohio Wellness, be sure to visit its website here.


To find the closest dispensary location to you, check out our Ohio Dispensary Locations page that has pages for each individual dispensary that highlights the contact information and pricing at the dispensary. Additionally, we also have Patient Resources available including Best Dispensary Prices, Dispensary Discounts & Deals, and Ohio Dispensary Menus.

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